25 Boy Crushes Every College Girl Will Likely Have, For Better, But Likely Worse
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25 Boy Crushes Every College Girl Will Likely Have, For Better, But Likely Worse

Oh boy, oh boy.

25 Boy Crushes Every College Girl Will Likely Have, For Better, But Likely Worse

Recently, one of my friends stated (and I quote): “Why do you need a boyfriend when you can just crush on like 100 different guys instead?"

To be honest, she has a point! Why should girls have to play mind games and deal with emotional breakdowns from bad first dates and fuckboys?? The best thing about boy crushes is that there is no heartbreak, zero commitment and effort but 100% satisfaction guaranteed (or your money back).

You see them everywhere—on campus, at home, at the dorms or even during lecture. Here are 25 of the most swoon-worthy boy crushes every college girl is likely to have.

1. Celebrity crush 

Self explanatory. Changes every year since you were 10 years old. Currently, mine is Charles Melton from Riverdale.

2. Rapper crush

His life revolves around girls in bikinis, private jets, and big dolla bills but he has some type of swag you dig. You imagine what it would be like partying with him on a yacht in the middle of Ibiza instead of holed up in the library listening to his music.

3. Barista crush

A potential reason why college girls love studying at coffee shops so much. You open your laptop at a nearby table pretending to study but really you're just watching him work. The hipster coffee shops in Silver Lake have the hottest baristas, don't @ me

4. Lecture hall crush

When you're bored in lecture and start looking around the 200 fellow students around you in a 90-minute game of Where's Waldo (but it's Where's My Future Husband instead).

5. Hot boy crush

The type of boy you probably met in political science (or any male-dominated) class and know you'll never have a chance with. Probably has blue eyes, is 6 feet tall, drives an Audi to school and has a dad who owns a law firm.

6. Campus crush

When you take a detour on your walk to class and pass by a drool worthy boy you're tempted to follow.

7. RA crush

I've had friends (not just at UCLA) spill the tea about some noteworthy ones who need to read me bedtime stories and make my morning coffee ASAP.

8. Professor crush

Probably was warned about his good looks via Bruinwalk/Rate My Professor reviews and you honestly just enrolled in the class to see if he met up to your expectations.

9. Library crush

“Hey, is anyone sitting here?"

10. Frat star crush

Loves beer, sexy and he knows it, drunkenly tries to hold a conversation with you but will likely forget who you are by the time he wakes up.

11. Public transportation crush

Offered you his seat when it got crowded so you can't help but imagine how great of a boyfriend he would be.

12. High school crush

The once scrawny/dorky looking boy from your AP Calc class who's, a "man" now, thanks to puberty. Probably pledged a frat freshman year, is majoring in finance (or business economics here at UCLA) and has a blonde girlfriend.

13. Parking valet crush

Wears heavy cologne, talks in a deep voice (usually with a foreign accent) and will park your car steering one handedly without closing the door. Suave.

14. Contractor/Construction worker crush

He's really there just to fix an exploded pipe but tells you his entire life story instead. Shows you a tattoo of his kid and wipes his dirty hands on his white shirt 😩

15. Security guard/TSA agent crush

Doesn't smile much, talks numbers into his walkie-talkie, has a radio attached to his ear and will narrow his eyes at you but you're somewhat attracted to his uptight, protective personality.

16. Pizza shop crush

The owners attractive son who works only on weekends but he's the reason why you ordered pickup over delivery.

17.Gas station attendant crush

*buys lottery ticket*

"You feeling lucky today?"

18. Store associate crush

"How's it going, I'm Andrew. Are you finding everything okay so far?"

19. Bartender crush

Just get me drunk, please.

20. Online shopping model crush

*Randomly goes through Polo Ralph Lauren's men section online to buy Dad a nice shirt and instantly feels entertained*

21. Pharmacist Technician crush

"Take these antibiotic pills three times a day and get better soon! Call us and ask for me if you need any further assistance."

*Starts blushing profusely*

22. Bank teller crush

Most likely wears an Apple Watch and black square rimmed glasses. Asks you how your day is going, but you pretend he only does it to you instead of every person that comes to his window.

23. Medical assistant crush

"Any questions before we get started on the operation?"

Me: "Yeah, do you want a small or big wedding?"

24. Coworker crush

You schedule your shifts so you're working together. You pray one day he will offer you a ride home after a night shift and confess his undying love towards you.

25. Hometown neighbor crush

Drool-worthy boy your parents will never approve of, but you just happen to be neighbors with since elementary school. Walks the family dog shirtless, throws house parties when his parents aren't around and waves at you in your least attractive moments (i.e. when taking out the trash).

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