Now that his campaigning has ended, Bernie Sanders is far from taking a break.

After the election, a new book on Sanders' policy ideas and his journey through the primary election. It will be called Our Revolution: A Future To Believe In. It will be released November 15th, which is a week after the election. He is also leaving his campaign site up and transforming it into a political revolution organization called Our Revolution, which further fights on for the platforms he discussed throughout his campaign.

"We must continue the political revolution. We must continue to bring millions of people into the political process to stand up and take on the billionaire class. To fight for economic and social and racial and environmental justice," said Sanders.

To the dismay of many Sanders supporters, Bernie encouraged his followers to be unified and vote for Clinton to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the next U.S. president. This has left many of Sanders' supporters feeling incredibly betrayed. However, Sanders' justifies his reasoning for doing so, saying,"It's no secret that Hillary Clinton and I have disagreements on a number of issues, and what I intend to do the day after Hillary Clinton is elected president of the United States is to do everything I can to make sure that she goes forward as progressively that she can, maintaining the very strong Democratic progressive platform that we passed together."

Clinton has adopted same of Sanders' platforms as an agreement of the endorsement. Regardless of Sanders' endorsement, he had a stoic appearance during the DNC when Hillary Clinton spoke to formally accept her nomination. Some of his supporters displayed resistance to Clinton's speech, but their boos were drowned out by chanting from Clinton's supporters. During his speech, Sanders thanked his supporters for making a grassroots movement into the revolution it became and once again asserted Clinton was the clear choice over Trump, someone he called the "most dangerous presidential candidate in the modern history of this country."

So while the race has narrowed down to Clinton, Trump, and the third party candidates getting more and more attention, Sanders continues to have an open invitation to keep fighting for his platforms beyond his campaign. Whether or not the majority of his supporters will vote for Clinton following his endorsement is still largely divided by fresh outrage over email leaks suggesting favoritism towards Clinton and distrust of Clinton as a whole.