The Advantages Of Having A Workout Buddy
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The Advantages Of Having A Workout Buddy

Having a partner to exercise with brings more benefits than motivation.

The Advantages Of Having A Workout Buddy

Working out is hard. You have to push your limits to feel a difference in your health and see a difference in your body. That's why most of us lazy individuals don't end up going to the gym at all.

When we try, things go a little like this...

You take about half an hour to motivate yourself to get up off the couch.

You put one shoe on, then 10 minutes later another.

You head for the door, but along the way you make as many excuses as you can for not working out.

Stepping outside, you question what you're in for — Why would I put myself through the misery of exercise when I could be doing something I love (like downing a bag of Doritos)?

Then you're back to the couch. Pillow, blanket, and Doritos in hand.

If you're one of the many victims of this repetitive cycle, your number one problem is motivation . Luckily, there is a cure to this ailment and that cure is a workout buddy. This is a specially chosen individual who stands by your side and tells you you look hot when you're doing awkward exercises you've never heard of before, like sumo squats and burpees . They are there to push you harder and help you keep your goals in mind. Essentially, they are your gateway to those washboard abs you've been wanting for three year.

But having someone to routinely workout with has more benefits than just getting you to spare an hour of your day for the gym. Besides the motivation a partner will bring, here are 17 other reasons why you shouldn't workout solo anymore.

1. Someone is there for you to ask seemingly stupid questions when you don't know what you're doing.

2. When you awkwardly laugh after doing a move wrong you won't look hysterical since your partner will most likely join. (Bonus: laughing is good for your abs.)

3. When you're figuring out new machines or exercises you don't have to look weird for being alone and hesitant.

4. You have someone to track your progress with and compare results to.

5. On days that you're not feeling the gym they'll call you up and guilt you into going.

6. When you want to stop, someone's literally right above you telling you to do another sit-up.

7. They're your go-to person to complain about soreness and understand what you're talking about — you don't have to annoy your roommates anymore when you keep bringing it up.

8. It's more fun. Hanging out with someone you know (and like) will make the workout more bearable and make time pass faster.

9. It plays into your competitive nature.

10. You can finally try lifting because you no longer have the excuse of not having a spotter.

11. The can teach you new things and you can lookup exercise how-to's later to reciprocate the lesson.

12. They keep count — no more pretending like you've lost track of the 100 jumping jacks you're supposed to do.

13. The redness of your face will look comparably normal next to your partner's butt sweat.

14. Someone's there to push reality in your face when you're saying nonsensical things about your body. No, you don't have a muffin-top, kankles, or back-fat.

15. Your friendship will grow as you see each other at their worst — all sweaty, smelly, and gasping for breath.

16. You can create goals together.

17. Your buddy is always there to compliment your effort and give you a high-five at the end of your routine.

Now go forth and find your workout buddy.

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