Benefits Of Incorporating Different Training Styles Into Your Routine

Benefits Of Incorporating Different Training Styles Into Your Routine

In order to keep your muscles in constant confusion, you should try out these styles of training

The key to getting in shape and seeing progress is too incorporate different types of workouts into your training routine. High-intensity interval training, body weight workouts, yoga and weight training should all be a part of your training techniques. All four of these bring different advantages to your health and fitness.

High-intensity interval training is a different type of work out and is one of the tougher types of training to get through.

This training is fast pace and keeps you constantly moving. Many fitness organizations are gearing their workouts towards HIIT and people have seen amazing results. It can incorporate cardio, weights, and body weight exercises to give you the best overall workout.

It’s always good to add different types of training into your weekly workouts.

Using your own body weight is a great way to test your strength. Your body is heavier than you think it is and you can use it to your advantage. This type of training is time efficient because you can train anywhere and all you need is yourself. Pull ups, push ups, squats, donkey kicks and ab exercises are all great bodyweight exercises to incorporate to your cardio days.

Yoga is necessary for the mind and body.

Stretching out your entire body and increasing flexibility will increase your overall health. Yoga is a form of bodyweight training and not only does it increase flexibility, but it also increases strength and tones muscles. Athletes are encouraged to practice yoga because it prevents injury and increases performance. Yoga benefits your mental health as well as your physical health.

Weight training increases strength, but it goes further than that.

This type of training promotes fat burn and improves bone density with aging. Women tend to stay away from weights because they think they will gain too much muscle mass. This is a myth. Weight training tones your muscles and will increase the shape, but won't drastically change the size. Unless you are trying to get bigger muscles and lift an excessive amount, you will not become a bodybuilder.

Incorporate these different types of training to keep your muscles in constant confusion and increase your physical fitness.

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To My Stomach, I Want To Cover You Up For A Fashion Statement, Not As An Insecurity

We've had a complicated relationship, to say the least.

Dear stomach,

This letter has been a long time coming. I wrote a column in the fall of my senior year of high school about my struggle with insecurities. While I was really proud of myself for publishing something so personal to me at the time, I had focused mainly on my relationship with makeup. I didn't have enough confidence to talk about what I was the most insecure about.

We've had a complicated relationship, to say the least. Like my other insecurities, this one originated in middle school (in my defense, perhaps my judgment was skewed by the blue eyeliner I was wearing on the DAILY). My first mistake was thinking there was anything wrong with you in the first place.

Heartbreakingly, I distinctly remember training myself to suck you in even while I was walking around. Then it was the refusal to wear shirts that were a little too snug around my midriff. Hell, it could probably even be argued that my fashion style today was based loosely on my subconscious hatred of you; high-waisted pants and fashionable baggy sweaters cover you up, and I'm not a stranger to using my cardigans to hide you when I'm sitting in class. Before long came the worst part of this toxicity: Spandex.

I first bought Spandex with my junior prom dress. When I found myself happy with the results, I began wearing it every day I went out in public because God forbid people knew you existed. It wasn't just school or the store that I wore the Spandex too, oh no; I continued to wear it in weights class and when I went to the local gym for yoga class (I can almost hear the gasps of the people who are reading this).

I'm lucky I got away without any health issues as a result of this obsession with the compression material. You and my torso hurt as I write this article just thinking about the elastic digging in for an entire school day plus any after school activities I had. I think it took a little less than a year for me to slowly phase it out of my everyday wear, but I still wore it with formal dresses.

My first tattoo was meant to be a promise to love myself with all my flaws. It still means the world to me, but there's nothing quite like the feeling I've failed this permanent pledge when I have my off days, try to hide you, or dig out the old Spandex, but I'm only human.

I don't want to have this relationship with you anymore, especially when you have done absolutely nothing wrong. I want to be your friend, I want to wear crop tops and leggings without apology, and I want to redirect energy hating you into something I feel passionate about.

You're not the only enemy I have either. Having club feet has made me hyper-aware of how different my feet look compared to everyone else's, my teeth aren't perfectly white, I'm not toned, my hair and skin can get oily pretty quickly, and I even feel self-conscious if I'm not wearing an outfit that doesn't feel put together. It's absolutely exhausting to be worrying about all these different factors all the time, but you always get the brunt of my criticisms and I'm so incredibly sorry about this.

At the start of this year, I did something I thought I would never have the courage to do: I became involved in a club including the premise of running around in costumes that would showcase you. Even better, the other members are body positive and so very supportive. So why is it that I still felt like hiding you in my tighter-than-I-normally-wear skirt when I was around people who I knew would be honest in telling me I look great?

I don't want to feel ashamed of having you stick out farther and be rounder than other people's stomachs. I want to wear baggy sweaters as a fashion choice, not a security blanket to cast you back into oblivion. I want to feel secure enough that anyone who thinks I need to change my outer appearance and/or values it more than my personality can cry me a river.

I want to feel like I'm enough in my own body.

I've made so much progress on this journey of mine, but it's not enough. I don't think I'll ever be free of the bad days in which I just feel like being invisible, but I have to try. We have to try.

I vow to be better. For you, for me, and for anyone reading this who are dealing with their own insecurities.

With much love, your friend,


Cover Image Credit: Cassie Slanga

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111 Thoughts You Have When Your Heart Rate Hits 111 BPM After One Flight Of Stairs

The best part is when you can't catch your breath for 15 minutes afterward.

Everyone knows the feeling of walking up a flight of stairs and immediately getting winded. It sucks, and yet we continue to torture ourselves by taking the stairs. I personally hate walking up the stairs and having to gasp for breath. But I consistently walk up the stairs. And every time I get up to my fourth-floor dorm room, I tell myself I will never do that again.

Well... I don't listen to that.

I think everyone who understands this feeling of pain, has thought at least one of the following thougths.

1. "Why did I take the stairs?"

2. "I do this every time, and I always regret it."

3. "I really need to start working out."

4. "Am I the only one that gets this winded?"

5. "I can't be, right?"

6. "My legs hurt."

7. "It's really hot in this stairwell."

8. "Oh, crap, someone's coming. I need to slow my breathing."

9. "That could have been embarrassing."

10. "How can people take the stairs two at a time and be fine?"

11. "Why am I gasping for breath?"

12. "Thank God I don't live on the fourth floor."

13. "I should take the elevator next time."

14. "Or every time."

15. "Am I really this out of shape?"

16. "I'm so tired."

17. "I should take a nap. I deserve it."

18. "I hope no one can hear how shaky my breathing is."

19. "Ah, who cares? They saw me walk out of the stairwell."

20. "They probably understand."

21. "…right?"

22. "How do people do this every day?"

23. "Everything hurts."

24. "Did I turn my essay in last night?"

25. "I don't think I'll ever be able to breathe normally again."

26. "This is the most intense workout I've done in months.

27. "Maybe if I listen to music next time, it'll be better."

28. "Probably not, but I can dream."

29. "Why are stairs a thing?"

30. "This is pure torture."

31. "I just have to push through."

32. "It'll be over soon."

33. "Why is my heart beating so fast?"

34. "It was only one flight."

35. "My heart rate cannot be that high."

36. "Can it?"

37. "Even over sixteen steps?"

38. "I really need to work out then."

39. "I gotta build up my resistance."

40. "Is it bad that I need a drink of water?"

41. "Yeah, probably."

42. "I really need to start drinking more water."

43. "Maybe that's why I'm so out of breath."

44. "I'm not properly hydrated."

45. "Or the fact that I have the body of a potato."

46. "There better be some Chipotle after this flight of stairs."

47. "Why am I so sweaty?"

48. "I didn't even move that much."

49. "I just need to distract my mind."

50. "Then it won't be as bad."

51. "I have so many shows I need to watch on Netflix."

52. "I should really try to read more books."

53. *thinks of a compilation of Vine references*

54. "I have so much homework."

55. "When is that exam?"

56. "How have I not reached the top of the stairs yet?"

57. "This is like climbing the tallest mountain range."

58. *gasps for breath*

59. "Did I eat lunch today?"

60. "Wait, what time even is it?"

61. *remembers the dog I saw this morning*

62. "Do I have any more classes today?"

63. "I can't wait to go to bed tonight."

64. "I should call my parents later today."

65. "When was the last time I talked to them?"

66. "Has it really been that long?"

67. "What am I doing this weekend?"

68. "I can't wait to not set an alarm for Saturday morning."

69. "What homework do I absolutely have to do this weekend?"

70. "Am I even going to have time for relaxing?"

71. "Probably not."

72. "Any time I'm relaxing, it's procrastination in disguise."

73. "I really need to read my textbooks."

74. "Why am I so bad at keeping up with them?"

75. "I should get Starbucks."

76. "I could use some caffeine."

77. "But then I'll be up even later than normal."

78. "Well, sleep is for the weak."

79. "I'll just take a nap tomorrow."

80. "I could use a nap now."

81. "Would anyone judge me if I just took a nap here?"

82. "I could use a five-hour energy right about now."

83. "My backpack is getting heavier with every step."

84. "My thighs are burning."

85. "Do I have my computer charger?"

86. "Where did I put my phone?"

87. "Oh, it was in my pocket."

88. "When will the snow stop falling?"

89. "I'm over winter."

90. "I just want it to be spring break."

91. "How is spring break only three weeks away?"

92. "It feels like the semester just started."

93. "These stairs are not getting any easier."

94. "I miss my pets."

95. "I need to go shopping."

96. "I could use some new socks."

97. "I should look on Amazon."

98. "But then I'll be scrolling for hours."

99. "Maybe I'll wait to go in person."

100. "It'll be easier then."

101. "I should eat a salad."

102. "But chicken nuggets are so good."

103. "This is why I get winded so easily."

104. "I need to eat better."

105. "Easier said than done, I guess."

106. "I'm in the home stretch."

107. "Just a few more steps."

108. "Why is this the most difficult part of this whole climb?"

109. "I feel like a marathon runner crossing the finishing line."

110. "I made it."

111. "It wasn't that bad I guess. I might be able to do it again tomorrow. Maybe."

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