The Benefits Of Growing Up Fast
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The Benefits Of Growing Up Fast

"For those of us that grew up fast, be happy, for this unique lifestyle is teaching you how to be professional and successful."

The Benefits Of Growing Up Fast
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Sometimes, there are kids that are put into situations where they are forced to learn things that most kids their age don’t know. Whether it’s cooking for themselves at a young age, having to get groceries, or maybe taking on important tasks around the house. Some of us understand that in order for life to run smoothly, we have to learn how to cope by ourselves and raise ourselves in some aspects of life.

If you’re fortunate enough to have never endured a tragedy bad enough to be put into such a situation, consider yourself lucky. But at the same time, you have been discouraged in learning some things that other kids your age already understand. For instance, if your mother had to work two jobs because she was a single mom trying to raise you, maybe you would have to learn how to take care of the house and pay bills. Other kids would never understand how to do these things. In my case, having to move an entire house with minimal help while your mother works so she can afford a place for you and her to live in. Driving a moving truck several hours from one town to another when it’s filled with breakables and heavy furniture, it can be rather stressful. But often times, we learn the most while we are under stress.

When I say us that had to grow up fast are more privileged, I don’t mean we are smarter than others or better than others by any means. Rather, some of us just know more difficult tasks before we put them to our own personal use as an adult. Some of us hate it, being looked at to complete these tasks when we really can’t even hardly make our own doctor appointments. I mean, after all, our generation’s anxiety level is through the roof, so for some of us to get out of our comfort zone is a huge deal. But never fear, for those of us that grew up fast, be happy, for this unique lifestyle is teaching you how to be professional and successful.

If you’ve ever had to help pay taxes or bills while your mother is doing other work, you know exactly what I mean. Sometimes, you often think you had no childhood or that yours was tainted due to your special duties and projects and pressure you were encouraged to handle. But take a look at yourself now. Would you be the same individual you are had you not been forced to go through such situations? Would you be nearly as smart, brave, and wise? Probably not. While your peers go out every week night and go party and act recklessly, you may be at work earning money for the college of your dreams. Luckily, that was me. I began working at age 14 and haven’t stopped since. Had I not begun so early, my communication skills would be limited, I would never have near as much experience as I do now, and I wouldn’t be working two jobs plus owning my own small business. Really, consider your discipline and tough childhood as a blessing. For every tough childhood comes an easier, wiser adulthood.

Of course, maybe you’re still sad about your childhood loss. You wish you could get it back, even if you did learn a lot. If you feel like this, don’t forget that you still have another chance. Now, I’m not saying you can rewind and re-live your childhood over again-But chances are, you’ll have your own children someday. Live through them, and give them the life and childhood you didn’t get. If you want them to learn some of the things you learned at their age, give them that opportunity in the best way you think you can. Whether you'd like your children to have a better understanding of the future, or a better childhood while they can, it's all up to you and there are benefits to both. Every parent teaches their children a bit differently, but as long as you think you are teaching them to benefit themselves for their future, that’s the biggest gift you can provide them. Don’t hand your kids everything they want.

Discipline is virtue, and it is something this generation lacks. My mother was hard on me (or so I thought back then). I had to have my room cleaned, the house picked up, when I was asked to do something it was needed to be done. When times got hard, I was expected to be there and give advice and help out. Even though sometimes I didn’t know how to, I quickly learned. These are lessons I will use throughout the remainder of my life. Luckily, I got a head start and someday when I’m an adult, I’ll be a pro at problem solving and adulting. Maybe you will too.
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