11 Signs You’re In A Sarcastic Relationship, And You Love It
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11 Sarcastic Components Every Sarcastic Relationship TOTALLY Lives Or Dies By, Duh

It's almost always 98% sarcasm mixed with 2% love.

Mikaela cok
Mikaela Cok

If you naturally have a sarcastic personality, chances are you'll run into people that also have one, and get along really well. It takes a special understanding to tolerate people with a sarcastic personality, especially in a relationship.

1. “Wow, you’re cool”

Something you say to them every time they say something about themselves or try to say something about you.

2. “What’s up loser” 

The secret way of saying handsome or my love or something to the lovey dovey effect. Just add loser or ugly after what’s up, totally normal.

3. Name calling 

When they say something sarcastic to you, if you don’t have an instant comeback it’s easy just to call them a name or say something like “you look like a toad.”

4. Tell them they are annoying 

Even if they’re not necessarily being annoying, you mostly still call them annoying because that’s just your normal annoying way of flirting.

5. Mimicking 

When you can literally find absolutely nothing better to say then what they said, but in a squeaky, exaggerated pitch voice.

6. Embarrass them 

Practically anytime you’re in a store or public place together you do something odd while you’re right next to them just to try and embarrass them.

7. Being way over dramatic 

Always taking everything they say way out of context and acting mad or sad just to fool them into them being nice so you can turn around and sarcasticly be mean.

8. “No **** Sherlock” 

Always take the opportunity whenever they say something even semi obvious to use one line that to a sarcastic person is truly beloved.

9. Telling them you don’t like them 

Even if you still love them you tell them you don’t like them, usually when they use a sarcastic line or something that you know was actually a good one, but you still have to keep your cool.

10. Using memes to describe your feelings 

When you constantly send them eye rolling memes and sarcastic memes to remind them of your very sarcastic relationship.

11. Giving them the bird 

I never flip anyone off, except my significant other to irritate them and then it just turns into a creative contest on flipping each other off.

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