Being Healthy Over The Summer Is A Full Time Job
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Being Healthy Over The Summer Is A Full Time Job

Your summer body won't turn to crap by eating that home cooked meal

Being Healthy Over The Summer Is A Full Time Job
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After a long, but fun year of college, you are finally home for the summer. That means hanging out with friends, enjoying the weather, and no school. It also means endless amounts of home cooked meals, going out to eat, and a busy schedule. Going home for the summer for those who enjoy staying active and healthy can be quite difficult, especially if you had a routine while being at college to avoid or still in the midst of losing the so called "freshmen 15". Being away at college I was able to learn more about how to maintain a healthy diet and staying active, but now that I am home, I can't seem to pass down dad's cheeseburgers.

Staying healthy is all about time, it takes time to learn more and know what your body needs. There is no race to the invisible finish line, there are only goals and it is up to you to work hard to accomplish them. One of the most important things to focus on is being disciplined. In this case, being disciplined enough to stay on track even when your environment is different. Now I am not saying to pass down every home cooked meal mom made, but I am saying if you want to maintain your lifestyle and not fall off track, that it is important to still work as hard as you did while you were at school or in general in order to keep moving forward.

For me, it was difficult. I was used to working out 6-7 days a week at school and eating healthy everyday to the point where it became a habit. A habit that I began to love, but once I got home, it took some serious mental strength to not say "screw it' and break that habit. I remember the first thing I saw when I returned home from school was the frozen pepperoni pizza's in my freezer and dozens of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, aka pure torture. I took a deep breath and told myself, yes it is summer, yes I am home, I need to enjoy it.

Enjoying it by means of staying on my routine, but allowing myself to indulge. When it comes to being healthy and staying fit, it is so important to remember that it is okay to indulge, that is why the 80/20 rule was made. We all want those summer bodies, yes, but being able to relax and enjoy those home cooked meals won't make you look like Fat Albert (sorry Fat Albert). Just remember to stay active in any way possible, go to your local gym, go hiking, or hey it's summer, go swimming.

My advice to you, from the girl who thought that eating one piece of candy would throw off her whole diet, is to remember that it is okay to enjoy yourself in whatever you are comfortable with. Whether it is indulging in dessert after family dinner, or if it's saying no to it. It is up to you.

(But you should always say yes to dessert)

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