Life Of A Villanova Basketball Fan

Life Of A Villanova Basketball Fan

Being a Villanova fan is a full time job. The support and love for my team is endless and undeniable. There is nothing quite like basketball season when you are a Villanova fan.


It's game day and I'm surrounded by my friends on the way to Wells Fargo Center. The energy and excitement is undeniable as it gets closer and closer to game time. We're all gathered outside the arena in the parking lot with music playing from all directions. It is brutally cold and we're all bundled in our huge winter coats and hats, but that doesn't make a difference. We brave the elements just to come out and see our favorite basketball team. There is no other team that I would stand out in the freezing cold for hours for except the Villanova Wildcats.

Game days are my favorite days because for a few hours, nothing else matters. I forget about the stress and work and other commitments in my life just for a little while. For these few hours, we all come together to focus on our basketball team and our pride for our school. It doesn't matter who you are, what you're involved in, or who your friends are. We're all Wildcats. We're all there to support and cheer on our team. There is an unexplainable bond and connection between all of us as Villanova fans, especially on a game day.

There is nothing quite like the atmosphere of a Villanova basketball game. The feeling when your team scores or makes a good play. What is even better is the feeling when they win. The yelling, cheering, jumping, clapping, dancing. The anticipation for what is going to happen next, the heart attack when a game is on the line. It is all my favorite. The entire student section puts our all into supporting our team. Even the quieter moments spent with friends on the way to the game or just talking during halftime or a timeout. Even when the game doesn't go so well... we're still there showing love for our team and for each other.

I've always been a basketball girl growing up, but after coming to Villanova and experiencing some of my favorite memories on game days, my love for basketball has only grown. It is hard not to love Villanova basketball, with a coach like Jay Wright, our incredible players, insane fans, and great places to call home like the Pavilion and Wells Fargo Center. There's nothing I'd rather be doing during basketball season than watching the Wildcats every single game.

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