Best MLB Opening Day Traditions
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Best MLB Opening Day Traditions

Opening Day is the greatest day. Here's why.

Best MLB Opening Day Traditions

Opening Day signals a new beginning, not only for the 30 Major League Baseball teams playing for a shot at the title, but for the millions of fans who follow the 162 game journey. Opening Day is an event that brings the entire country together. On Opening Day everyone is on the same level; the Philadelphia Phillies have as much of a chance to win the World Series as the San Francisco Giants! Although baseball is no longer the most popular sport in America, it is still America’s pastime. For baseball fans, Opening Day is nothing short of a national holiday. The traditions of Opening Day have dated back in American culture for over the past century. In no particular order, here are some of the best Opening Day traditions.

1. Pregame Introductions

Every player, coach, and staff member is introduced on Opening Day; this is the only time when the equipment manager gets any mention. It is nice to see these people getting the recognition they deserve. It's such a great reminder that the team on the field is made up of many individuals, seen and unseen, and success is the result of several dozen individuals giving their best efforts for the organization.

2. Star Pitching Match ups

In hopes of starting the season 1-0, every single baseball team throws out their ace on Opening Day. Opening Day is one of the few days in baseball where you can flip through the channels and watch Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw, and Madison Bumgarner. On Monday, baseball fans will get to enjoy stellar pitching matchups like Felix Hernandez vs Cole Hamels, Corey Kluber vs David Price, and Dallas Keuchel vs Masahiro Tanaka.

3. Ballpark Food

Baseball has the best concession stand food. Each stadium as their own special concession item that fans have been craving since the season ended last fall. Dodger Stadium is home to the world famous “Dodger Dog” which is arguably better than any hot dog one you will ever eat. Fans at AT&T Park are treated to loaded garlic fries, Chase Field is home to the largest, and most expensive, corndog, Citi Field has a stellar steak sandwich, and crab dip fries at Camden Yards are like none other! Every stadium has their own ballpark snack that makes Opening Day a smorgasbord of deliciousness.

4. Unfurling Flag & Military Flyover

The San Diego military flyover holds great significance. A service member sings the national anthem, an American flag is stretched across the outfield, and a powerful sound boom caused by an F-16s flying overhead creates one of the best scenes in sports. While watching a baseball game on Opening Day, we honor, remember, and recognize all of those who have served this country. The unfurling of the flag and the airplane flyover is a tradition that happens across the country on Opening Day.

5. Clydesdale Trot: Busch Stadium, St.Louis Cardinals

Cardinal fans are arguably one of the most energetic fan bases in the MLB. The citizens of St. Louis live, breathe, and bleed Cardinals baseball. Watching the Budweiser Clydesdale horses trot around the field on Opening Day is a tradition that reflects the history and culture of the city.

6. Family Holiday at the Ballpark

Going to Opening Day is an amazing experience for families. It is something that I am blessed to have done while growing up, and it will always be one of my best childhood memories. A recent study by Major League Baseball showed that 22.2 million Americans, over the age of 21-years-old, take off work or school to attend Opening Day. Avoiding responsibility to watch good ole baseball has become an American tradition.

7. Findlay Market Parade, Cincinnati Reds

There is no better place to watch opening day than the Queen City. The Reds are the only team to open the season at home every year in their franchise's history. The Findlay Parade is a 94-year-old tradition that celebrates the return of Reds baseball. The parade is also a reminder that the Reds were the first American professional sports club. The parade may not have the same grandeur as Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but it does have historical significance, and the fans love it!

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