10 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Girl With A Dog

10 Things To Know Before Dating A Girl With A Dog She'll Always Love More Than You

Let's face it, dogs are a woman's best friend, they are like peanut butter and jelly.


My dog is my person and you need to understand these 10 things before dating me.

1. There will always be blankets covering the couch

No, it is not because shes cold, well it might be, but it is to keep from the dirty paws and dog hair from getting all over the cushions. It's either blankets or going full old lady from the 50's mode and just covering them in plastic, which is just not a good look or feel (sorry, grandma).

2.  She can deal with the gross stuff

She's picked up more than dog poop, so there is no freaking out over stuff that is a little disgusting. This doesn't mean it is okay to break out your dirty bathroom jokes or that shes completely immune to anything displeasing.

3. You'll probably be spending more time at her house than anywhere else

Home is where the dog is, plus that pup isn't going to feed or let him self out to go to the bathroom. Chances are she's thinking more about her dog than anything else, so she wouldn't dream of leaving him alone for a extended period of time anyways.

4.  You can't just spontaneously steal her away for a weekend

In addition to reason 3, if she does leave for a while plans have to be made in advance for a dog sitter and that can be difficult at the last minute. Bonus points if you take care of that ahead of time though ;)

5. She will spend a ridiculous amount of money on her dog

Since becoming a dog owner, its nearly impossible to go into the store without going down the pet isle and buying something for the pup. Plus, there is vet visits, food, walks, and between all of that she is putting a decent amount down. Don't judge her, he's family and it's just what you do.

6. She expects to be loved by you, like she is by her pooch

The only love she's known is how to be loved by her dog, so in some ways you will probably be compared to him.

7. ​You can expect 10000 pictures or videos of her dog

You just left five minutes ago, but just recieved three videos from her and counting? Since you left you're missing all of the cute stuff that the dog is doing, but don't worry she'll keep you updated. Having an adorable dog is also an easy cop out on sending selfies because why send pictures of yourself when you could instead send pictures of your fur baby.

8. ​As soon as it gets nice out expect alot of outdoor dates

When its super nice out would you expect her to leave him at home? It's a win-win, her dog needs exercise and you guys still get to hangout and get ice cream in the park together. Just be prepared to get a little dirty playing fetch.

9.  She'll bring a trace of her dog wherever she goes

Whether it be a spot of drool on her leg, hair on her shirt, or a doggy bag hanging out of her purse, there will always be one little thing off about her otherwise nicely put together outfit.

10. Never, ever say to her "it's just an animal"

If you ever say this, just prepare to be dumped. Dogs are our babies, never disrespect them or us by saying this, they are our family and if it came down to either you or our fur baby, you would lose.

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