Its 10:00 P.M. and you think you’re ready to go to bed. You’ve been tired all day and couldn’t wait to get into your bed to finally go to sleep. Then something comes over you and you’re suddenly wide-awake. You can’t fall asleep and everything that happens is so funny. You have the “sleepy ha-ha's”. This has been me recently and my roommate is the victim of my giggles.

Most people rely on others to make them laugh. Not me. I make myself laugh more than anyone else ever has. It’s mainly when other people partake in the shenanigans I tell them to do. I’m not too sure why, but when they do it I get that silent, open-mouth, cannot breathe kind of laugh. Last Tuesday, I decided to tell my roommate a sentence and continuously mumble one word. The sentence was, “If you had to pick your favorite twin, who would it be?” The word I kept mumbling was “twin”. We weren’t talking about twins, or even thinking about twins. The sentence just came to my mind and BAM rolled with it. Then, I decided to talk to my housemates in the room next to me try to guess what I was saying. After yelling through the wall for ten minutes straight, the one girl came into my room to hear it better. After one try, she guessed it. It made my roommate look pretty bad. Anyway, moral of the story is if you listen closely, pronunciation won’t matter. (She’s a speech major, she should have understood).

On another recent night, I wanted to sing her to sleep so of course I had to whip out the bedtime lullabies. I started my performance with a classic choice of, "Rock a By Baby". Bringing my vocals to a new level put her in a light sleep. You could see her dozing off since I’ve been compared to having the voice of an angel. I closed my two-song performance up with a rap version of Mary Had a Little Lamb. That song, although having a fast and up-beat tempo, put her right to sleep. So to wrap up the night, I kissed her forehead goodnight.

The Bedtime Chronicles continue as each night goes on. We’ll have to see what this week entails, but hopefully some more good times. Also, side note, my roommate often snores with the occasional “hey, what’s up?” in her sleep. She told me to whack her with my pillow when it wakes me up, but she doesn’t even feel it so there’s really no point. Rough, I know. Hopefully, she’ll learn and stop snoring so I can get my beauty sleep and wake up the model that I am.