Did Becca Make the Right Decision?
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Becca Choose A Life Of Laughter With Garrett Instead Of A Life That Would Challenge Her With Blake

In the season finale of the 'Bachelorette,' Becca opted for a life full of laughter, but at what cost?

Becca Choose A Life Of Laughter With Garrett Instead Of A Life That Would Challenge Her With Blake

As America's guiltiest pleasure comes to an end, all fans are either happy or heartbroken. Throughout this season, Becca has made a lot of interesting decisions regarding the men she kept around. Shockingly enough, the biggest surprise this season to me was the finale. And just like all Bachelorette rejects, I have a lot of questions for Becca.

Since night one, I was a ride or die Blake fan. I never disliked Garrett, but he was never a personal favorite. As the season went on, Becca talked more and more about how life with Garrett would be so easy, and consequentially, I disliked him more and more. Not as a person. But as a partner for Becca.

Both Becca and her family repeatedly said Blake would continue to challenge her every single day of their lives. Becca acknowledged to herself, the camera, her family, and basically the entire country that where Garrett would provide an easy and safe life, Blake would provide a stimulating one.

Becca and Garrett's relationship is an interesting dynamic. Much like the relationship between Becca and Blake, there were no problems on the show. Both relationships remained authentic and drama free. But there was a major difference between the two men. Simply put, Blake was able to get real.

Becca wanted to know what shaped him as a person. He full-on dove into awful, traumatic events that created him. Becca asked how he was doing. He told her about his frustration. Becca asked for honesty. He told her as soon as he knew he was falling in love and as soon as he was in love. He showed Becca happiness, sadness, frustration, joy, envy, fear, and most importantly, love.

Garrett, on the other hand, really struggled with getting serious. A big part of his personality and life is deflecting problems with light-heartedness. With Becca and Garrett, they'll laugh their problems away and they'll be happy. But the question is, for how long?

Becca Kufrinhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BmMe-g9HOZ3/?taken-by=bachelorusa

For the happy couple, everything is still new. But as with everything in life, things become old. We fall into routines and we forget how to find the "new." We lose our curiosity and we lose our passion. We become still and we become idle. Due to the ease of life with Garrett, will their relationship lose its sparkle and become passionless?

Becca was confident in the notion that Blake would strive to challenge her every single day. And being challenged means making mistakes. Because mistakes happen when we step out of that comfort zone and routine. If we're messing up, that means we're trying new things, we are making new things, we are learning, living, pushing ourselves, changing our worlds. We are becoming new things, becoming new people. Being challenged means doing something that matters with our lives. Without challenge, there can be no growth.

Unfortunately, Garrett's lifestyle will not promote Becca to be bold. She will not be pushed. And when we aren't being pushed, we aren't stepping out of our comfort zones. And without stepping out of our comfort zones, nothing great can be accomplished. We continue on a path on mundanity.

Becca obviously loved both contenders, so why did she settle for a life of idleness? Was the happiness she felt with Garrett so amazing it overshadowed a future full of self-betterment and growth? She had the opportunity to remain forever curious and passionate about life, but instead, she traded it for a life full of unspoken emotions with Garrett.

While I wish the absolute best to Becca in making this relationship work, this season of the Bachelorette has reaffirmed my goals to never stop challenging myself. To never stop growing. To never stop changing. And after watching Becca navigate this season, I've realized the importance of having someone who pushes me just as hard as I push myself. Challenging yourself can get hard, but having someone next to you willing to challenge you will lead to your greatest self possible.

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