‘Beauty not Politics’
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‘Beauty not Politics’


When you tell someone you are interning in Washington, D.C, it almost always follows with the question of “what congressman are you interning for on the hill?” Well I am here to tell you that there are plenty of other internship opportunities within the District, specifically within the beauty and skincare industry. 

As the summer began to approach, I found myself scrambling to find a summer internship along with pretty much every other college student out there. Luckily I had various resources at my disposal for instance my sorority list serve, which periodically sends out internship opportunities. I kept my eyes peeled for any internship that seemed of interest to me and came across an opportunity with a skincare company, located right in Georgetown. Alchimie Forever, a skincare company originally based in Switzerland and the now CEO, daughter of Dr. Luigi Polla, world-renowned dermatologist and Dr. Barbara Polla, biomedical researcher, Ada Polla opened up a showroom in Georgetown in 2004. Ada Polla is a determined and very busy CEO, whose shoe collection I would love to get my hands on. Yet she makes it a priority to give her clients a personal touch, known as the Forever Commitment. Since the company has seen great success, their skincare line is featured in high-end spas around the country. The skincare line was a result of the Polla’s medical spa located in Geneva, Switzerland, Forever Laser Institut. Their products are designed for anti-aging and solving long-term and short-term skin issues.

I have been with the company for almost a month now and have already learned so much about an industry that I had not realized I knew such little about. I have always been very low maintenance, with my makeup and my skin. I’m not as disciplined with the sunblock as I should be and I have to admit I sometimes fall asleep with my makeup still on from the day… (Sorry Ada! If you're reading this) But since I have been with the company, I have started to take much better care of my skin. I have incorporated their Kantic calming cream, a great light moisturizer, into my after shower routine, along with their men’s tightening eye contour gel. Yes, it is technically part of the men's skincare line, I purchased it for my dad for Father’s day but fell in love when I tried it out one night. It really takes care of my puffy eyes and dark circles. Ada once told me that if you’re old enough to drink, you’re old enough to start using an eye cream. Even though I have about six months till the big 21st, I decided to get a head start!             

As a Communication and Journalism major, what drew me most to this internship was the Public Relations side of the company. I have learned how PR is an on-going project in any company; there are always new clients or vendors to contact in order for them to promote your product. Catherine Littlefield, a blonde bombshell currently living in L.A, heads the Public Relations side of the company. I would recommend to everyone to intern at a smaller company at some point in their college career, because it truly gives you hands on experience that you would not gain anywhere else. Also actually being in the office with the CEO, her assistant, Sherrod Hood and my two other awesome interns gives the internship a personal feel that I would not trade for anything.             

So as you fellow college students continue looking for internships remember to not ride off smaller companies because you may find yourself a hidden gem. Where the people you are working with genuinely would like to see you succeed and are eager to share their personal and professional advice. 

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