Stop Trying To Tell Me How To Be A Woman
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Stop Trying To Tell Me How To Be A Woman

I'm tired of being told...

Stop Trying To Tell Me How To Be A Woman
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For decades, women have been given the bad reputation of being "too" something or other. Too loud, too bossy, too needy. So let's talk about that and why it's bullshit.

For starters, no one is ~too~ anything.

Be loud and be quiet and be brave or shy or whatever, and be it in whatever way you want to be. If we accepted the idea that being ~too~ was a bad thing, we literally would get nowhere. Women have been told again and again that we have reached equality; that this is it and we are as advanced as we are getting. If that was true, there wouldn't be hoards of us that are still unsatisfied.

Let's make something clear from the jump, women don't want to be the dominant sex.

We don't want to own the men or rule the world or enslave the men for breeding. Feminism isn't craziness. We are seriously just asking for people to not be shocked by the idea of a female president. It is literally 2017. Fifty years ago the notion of having flying cars by now was totally reasonable but here we are, still confused about people with vaginas and their capability to do literally anything.

As a woman, I am tired of being told that we have it good enough.

That I should be grateful for the progress that was made before those before me. If we stop pushing now, my daughters will not see a world in which old white men don't have a say over their uteruses. A world that tells my daughter she can be president to satisfy her without any real hope of those dreams being achieved.

I'm tired of being told to be "lady-like."

What the hell is "lady-like" anyway?

Didn't we break the idea of being ladies when we decided wearing pants on our delicate flowers was okay?

Being lady-like is existing as a woman in whatever way you see fit. Next.

I'm tired of being told that my intelligence is intimidating to men and I should dumb it down. Why would we ever tell another human being to be LESS intelligent?



I am exhausted by this.

You're damn right my intelligence is intimidating. Can you keep up?

I'm tired of being told that being a feminist puts down the women who choose to stay at home and raise a family. Raising a family is bad ass and difficult and we are proud of the women who stay home and do it.

You know who we are also proud of?

The men who choose to raise the family so their wives/girlfriends can live out their dreams. We are also proud of families with two working parents, or one parent total or families where everyone works from home. Feminism is the choice to dream, whether your dream is being at home with your kids or having a career.

No one is less than anyone, WE KEEP SAYING THIS.

So stop telling us to stop, because it isn't working anyway.

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