Different people come to the table with different strengths and weaknesses. They have different walks of life. Many say that their past has shaped the person they are today. On the other hand many people try to hide their past, whether it be shame or humility.

In my opinion your past is a part of who you are and if someone can't except that, then they are not worth having in your life.

When I talk to different people, I find myself creating a little safety bubble. These walls that I put up, at least in my mind, are keeping those whom I may not know very well safe, safe from my past. I have had many experiences in my lifetime so far, some good and some bad, and have felt as though that these experiences are better off hidden in the deeper parts of my memory.

Everyone has different stories and experiences that define who they are as a person. The stories that I have to tell will most likely be different than the stories that my own brother has to share.

This is what makes us as human beings so unique. We could be raised by the same set of parents, taught in the same schools by the same teachers, and still have different outcomes to different situations.

These outcomes are the foundation to our being. Each outcome is a different story to tell, a different part of our past that is essential to our future. While some think that it is best to hide their past and start anew, I humbly disagree.

Your past is a part of who you are and who you will be. Be proud of who you are and strive to be the best you there will ever be.