When you come to college or are about to embark on a new stage in your life, everyone always tells you to try new things, to be not afraid. They are sayings that we are all familiar with and know that they are grounded with sincere, good-hearted intentions.

The problem is that they are unreali stic concepts. No matter how brave and strong you are, you will almost be afraid to hesitant to try new things because they're new, scary and you don't know the outcome. It is okay to feel these emotions and it's okay to not want to try new things. The issue is when you let those fears and doubts stop or limit you. That should never be the case.

Instead, embrace those fears and doubts that you may have and still try new things. Learn to become comfortable being uncomfortable. You are most likely going to be in situations you have never fathomed and not always feel comfortable in what you're doing (whether it's a difficult class, a speech you need to make for an upcoming election or talking to that cute guy at the coffee shop). No one is perfect and no one is that comfortable in every situation. But the important thing to note is that when you are in that uncomfortable situation, that uneasy feeling does not last. You'll gain experience from trying new things or accepting new opportunities.

So push yourself to be comfortable being uncomfortable. It's a weird saying, but so true. My favorite moments in college occurred when I was willing put myself in uncomfortable situations. The time I forced myself to speak to my professor for a research opportunity and I got it. I was nervous and completely uncomfortable, but I did it. The time I forced myself to join and write for Odyssey when I have no journalism experience.Yet, I can say I have my most joyful moments when writing about topics that I care about and engaging in a community that focuses on the best way to communicate, which is writing.

There are so many times I have been uncomfortable, but that feeling of unease does not last. This is why I encourage everyone to be comfortable being uncomfortable.