Be Kind On Purpose: 25 Random Acts Of Kindness
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Be Kind On Purpose: 25 Random Acts Of Kindness

We should NOT limit our kindness to 7 of the 365 (366) days of the year.

Be Kind On Purpose: 25 Random Acts Of Kindness

Recently it was Random Acts of Kindness Week, but we should NOT limit our kindness to 7 out of the 365 (366) days we are given. Kindness should be spread every single day because of its capability to change the world. This world is filled with so much hate and angst, it’s time to spread some goodness.

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I challenge you to be kind on purpose by doing one kind thing a day. I make it a goal to do three things every single day:

  1. Make someone laugh.
  2. Make someone smile.
  3. Encourage someone.

It does not seem like a lot, but if I can turn someone’s day around and make them happy for a small moment, I am going to do it. It does not take a lot of time or effort to be kind to those around you. You never know, you just might change’s a person’s life.

Here’s 25 Acts of Kindness:

  1. Write a Handwritten Letter
  2. Bake Someone Something Sweet
  3. Leave Someone a Positive Sticky Note
  4. Clean Gym Equipment When Done
  5. Write Chalk Messages on the Sidewalk
  6. Make A Meal
  7. Volunteer for Your Favorite Organization/Charity
  8. Send a Care Package
  9. Hold the Door Open
  10. Tell a Joke
  11. Return Someone’s Cart at the Store
  12. Call a Loved One
  13. Teach Someone Something New
  14. Say “Hello” to Everyone You See
  15. Smile at Everyone
  16. Tell Someone How Great They Are
  17. Buy A Coffee for a Stranger
  18. Set the Table for Dinner
  19. Walk Dogs at an Animal Shelter
  20. Plant Something
  21. Bring Flowers to Someone You Appreciate
  22. Talk to Someone New at School or Work
  23. Let Someone Go Ahead of You in Line
  24. Send a Card to a Service Member
  25. Leave Head’s Up Pennies on the Sidewalk

There are probably a million other ideas that YOU can do to spread some kindness each and every day! If you’re interested in other things you can do to spread come kindness, check out Random Acts of Kindness’ Website:

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