With the New Year quickly approaching and Holiday festivities coming to a close, I start thinking about all the wonderful treats I have eaten and how quickly I need to hit the gym to start my New Year’s Resolution. Enjoying all the good food my family cooks and all the delicious cookies, pies, and every kind of sweets you can think of, portion control is not something I am thinking about.

While discussing all of the great foods I have encountered, The Holiday season is truly about spending time with family, friends, and celebrating. As girls, we put so much pressure on ourselves to lose weight or to not eat goodies due to worrying about gaining weight. If magazines or movies didn’t emphasize enough on how skinny girls should be, The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is always there to lend a hand, during December none the less. Girls see how the angels look and want to be just like them, while guys just see how hot they are giving girls who don't look like these models an even bigger complex.

In high school body image is the talk of the town and therefore causes girls to second guess the way they look and feel. Not only are girls confronted with this issue at school, now we also see it at clothing stores. Personally, I've been in to retail stores and the clothing items seem to be getting smaller each time I go in to look for a top or even worse...jeans. We are faced with the size we are and the size we should be every day; whether it be from social media or each other, we are always questioning our size.

I work with young high school girls each day, helping them find the perfect gown for their prom or ring dance. My job is to make sure these girls feel and look their best for the special day. Finding jeans that fit is dreadful and tough; however, finding the perfect dress for an important event is a lot harder. Gowns are made very differently from everyday clothes, take the size jeans you wear and go up about two to three sizes depending on the gown. Explaining this to young girls can be difficult; however, at the end of the day a dress or jean size is just a number it doesn’t define who you are.

The smaller the number in our clothing the better we feel about ourselves, but why is that? Is it because all society around us is telling us that smaller is prettier? Social media has become one of our biggest influences. One day I am happy with my body and the next I am questioning it. That will never go away, but when I look at what pant size I am wearing it doesn't matter to me, what matters is how I feel about my body day to day.

Let's make a promise to ourselves to eat what every we want! Each day our choices may change, I am sure like one day hamburger, next salad, and next anything you choose. Enjoy all the delicious foods this Holiday, forget about the number, and just own it.