Why Jackie Kennedy Is The Perfect Role Model For Today's Youth

In A World Of Kim Kardashians And Lindsay Lohans, Be A Jackie Kennedy

Jackie is more than a pillbox hat and an A-Line suit. She's a symbol of strength and power for women.


I typically find myself putting individuals up to high standards to qualify as an admirable person. One must be someone who shows bravery, strength, and does good no matter what life throws at them. Life will truly get in someone's way, but if an individual can persevere, they are noted as admirable in my books. Jackie Kennedy truly displayed these traits throughout her life. When I think of a strong woman, Jackie Kennedy comes to mind immediately. Jackie was a genuine human being who showed that being of the upper class does not have to separate you from the rest of society. Despite the hardships she faced in her life, she still continued to show what it looks like to be a strong woman.

Growing up, I always wanted to be in the fashion industry. Thinking I could become the next biggest fashion designer (I had quite the aspirations), I used to sit for countless hours with an array of colored pencils spread throughout my bedroom floor, that would color in tens of drawings of outfits in my notebook. I used to design outfits that were inspired by true fashion icons in history. I always looked to the fashion trends that Jackie Kennedy created for her time. Her presentation was remarkable. A pin box hat with an A-line Chanel suit set a style for the time.

Kennedy would arrive at events with clothing and accessories never seen before: strapless dresses, oversized sunglasses, and bows pinned to the waistline of her timeless dresses. Her style was truly iconic. As someone who still aspires to find employment in the fashion industry (only on the business side this time, I realized I wasn't the most talented drawer), I look to Jackie Kennedy's style as timeless and truly iconic.

Kennedy was more than a pin box hat and a pastel suit. She was a figure who proved her belittling mother wrong and overcame her competition with her sister. I admire Jackie mainly because of the "typical" life she wanted to live, because of how she gave back, and how genuine she was. Jackie was what every woman should aspire to be. She was a powerful woman of her time. Jackie had a lot of power being the first lady, and she definitely took advantage of it to positively affect our country.

Once the "Camelot" legacy began, Jackie spent thousands of dollars and even created a committee to refurbish the White House and preserve belongings of past presidents, as well educate visitors with pamphlets and guides placed throughout the site. Knowing our country's history is very important, and all American citizens should be privileged to know what our country has been through. Jackie did just this. She promoted the education of our history, which brings us closer together. She also created a committee to promote the arts. As a dancer, I believe that the arts are so important to integrate into everyone's lives because it teaches creativity, which is essential in everyday life. Kennedy also accompanied JFK to several countries and stole the show.

She was well spoken (in other languages, too), which is a trait many people lack. One who can keep their composure over overwhelming paparazzi is truly admirable. A well-spoken first lady who can create committees is power, but so is keeping collected after experiencing several miscarriages and seeing your husband who you stayed loyal to after affairs assassinated before your eyes. The strength to live after seeing just this is so empowering, and to pick up your family and relocate to Greece for protection is something I could never do. I would feel lost in life, but Jackie Kennedy did what she needed to do. What I find most striking about Jackie is how she lived a genuine life.

After that tragic November day in Dallas, Jackie remained in her bloody suit for the press, and for years after that, she worked a 9-to-5 job just like a "normal" person. Jackie was brought up in wealth and remained in wealth, yet she chose to work as anyone else would. It seems as if the former first lady refused to fit the "wealthy" stereotype and neither did she want to be a housewife. Kennedy could have chosen to stay at home, but she did as others would and worked for her money. Some celebrities now accumulate wealth by simply being who they are, yet Jackie actually worked for her money, as anyone else should. Not to mention after JFK's legacy she faced herself with Nikita Khrushchev and his ticking nuclear weapons. She maintained the nuclear test ban treaty and wasn't even in office. THAT is power.

Jackie Kennedy's legacy will live on. She was often ridiculed by her mother and thrown into the rings with her sister, yet she overcame this all. Jackie is an icon. I look up to her, as many other people do. She is a symbol of strength for women. I admire Jackie's image greatly and will always aspire to have her determination.

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