In case you don't know me or you do and are fooled by the skinny jeans and overly padded bras I wear to create a womanly allusion, I am a 20-year-old woman who is built like a 12-year-old girl. I have not changed in body type or size since the eighth grade. Ya know, the time girls usually hope on the curve train? Yeah... I missed that train. Completely missed it.

And while I advocate for body positivity no matter what your shape or size, it is a little bit rough sometimes being a grown woman in a body like this. I'm not going to spend this article bashing my body type, but I know there are women out there who can completely relate to what I am about to say.

1. What are curves?

I am built like a human piece of plywood.

2. Boobs? Never heard of 'em.


My entire life I waited for puberty so I could finally have boobs! They never came.

3. Finding pants is a living nightmare.


Your legs are too thin for grown-up pants but they're also too long for children's pants. It's either wear a belt to keep your balloon pants up or look like you're always ready for high water with your short pants year around.

4. Say goodbye to body con dresses.


No curves means nothing for body con dresses to hug and accentuate. They just look like wiggly potato sacks.

5. Oh, and adult shirts too.

No boobs means that weird space between your chest and the shirt that was made to have room for boobs. So they all just kind of sag.

6. Actually, you shop in the children's section.

Personal Photo

Kid's clothes can be cute too and if it's all you can fit in, you work with what you got. All of my leggings are from the children's section. That shirt above? Also from the children's section.

7. Adult swim suits are a nightmare too.

Again, not having boobs or curves makes things real difficult but kid's swimsuit are way too obviously made for children.

8. Everyone thinks you're 12.

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"Are you old enough to be here alone?" Um.. sir, I'm 20 years old. Not only am I small, but I also look really young in the face. On the bright side, you might get kids menus at restaurants. So your food is cheaper.

9. When everyone else kept growing, you didn't.

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I have been 5'2 since the eight grade and have heard all of the short jokes since then.

10. Sitting at desks and tables for adults is almost laughable.

I am easily hidden by counters and high tables. Getting into the chairs that are really high are kind of an adventure as well.

11. You can hide behind almost anything.


Hiding from someone you don't want to talk to in the store? Hiding from your least favorite cousin at a family reunion? East. Because I am so small I can hide behind anything. I am also a hide and seek master.

12. Squeezing through people in crowds is a breeze.


I can squeeze in and out of all of the small spaces pretty easily so I can slip in and out of crowds relatively unnoticed.