8 Signs You're Just Barely Making It To The End Of The Semester
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8 Signs You're Juuust Barely Making It To The End Of The Semester

Senioritis affects everyone, whether you're a senior or not.

8 Signs You're Juuust Barely Making It To The End Of The Semester

April showers bring May flowers, but also the approaching graduation date and the end of the semester. With just a little over a month left for the spring semester, the path to graduation is only getting closer! Months have turned to weeks and now it's pretty much time to start counting the days.

Whether you're excited about graduating, worried about how your grades will be by the end of the semester, or just dragging out the days that you're out of this horrible place called college, there's a pretty good chance you're coming down with a little senioritis.

Senioritis affects us all, whether you're actually a senior or not, and is always a struggle this time of year and can bring upon the wrath of procrastination and falling asleep in class. If you're struggling with Senioritis and these eight things, you're probably just barely making it to graduation around the corner.

1. You've officially stopped caring

You've stopped caring about how you look going to class and settled for pajama pants and a sweatshirt. You're done making your bed in the morning and you're only keeping up with chores when you absolutely have to. And that assignment due next week? If it's not a huge part of your grade, why bother? You've officially stopped caring about stuff that you really probably should, but you don't care about caring either!

2. You're falling asleep in class more

For a multitude of reasons, you're simply letting your head hit the desk instead of paying attention. Maybe it was because you stayed up all night actually doing work, or you're simply bored to tears in this class and can't force yourself to stay awake no matter how hard you try. Whether it's actual sleeplessness or boredom, you're probably spending more time asleep in class than actually paying attention

3. Procrastination

What's a better thing to do? Watch an episode of "The Office" on Netflix or actually do that paper you've been ignoring for almost a week? Watch Netflix of course! But we all know the right thing to do would be to please finish that paper before it's the morning it's due! Truth is you would rather do literally anything else rather than do work, whether it's doing a little spring cleaning that didn't need to be done, or organizing your shirts by color order. Procrastination has become a major part of your life and you can't do much to overcome it.

4. You're not studying as hard as you should be

Maybe you don't have the time to, and that's okay! But for the most part, Senioritis and procrastination truly kick in to help you here. You're not studying as hard you should be for that calc test at the end of the week. Instead, you would rather catch up on sleep, do some other classwork, or go out partying and avoid your work and studying altogether. Whoopsie!

5. You're eating more or less

This can go either way. You've hit that point where you either have enough meal swipes that you'll have a bunch left over that you won't be able to use or you won't have enough to make it until the end of the semester so you'll have to cut down to once a day dining usage. You'll either be eating more to cover your swipes or stocking up on cup noodles.

6. You're starting to use those excused absences you've been saving up

Nice day out? Skip class. Not done with your homework? Skip class. Overslept? Skip class. Feeling a little stuffy? Skip class! Just don't want to go? Skip class! Any excused absences were saved for these reasons and you're starting to use them left and right for all your classes.

7. Coffee is life more than ever

If you've been overly tired lately due to late nights partying, studying, or procrastinating, you may be needing more coffee. You're almost to the finish line and coffee is the one thing that will help you get there, whether you're just getting a larger cup or maybe drinking twice a day.

8. You're pretty broke

Nearing the end also means nearing the bottom of your bank account. Chances are you're getting low on money for whatever reason, whether it's spending too much on coffee or simply running out of your budget cash. Point is you're gonna start paying in pennies if you haven't already!

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