Like most girls, I have had many different seasons of life.

Some of these seasons included traumatic hair days.

Recently, I took the plunge to return to my 5-year-old hairstyle and got bangs.

Well, it turns out that unless you are a kindergartener and don't care for one second about how wild your hair looks, these bad boys could be a challenge.

Here are things that all gals with bangs know to be true.

1. When it is windy, you question if you look like a human still because your hair is all kinds of crazy.


I kid you not, I look like this dog when I walk to class in windy weather.

2. Your "just rolled out of bed look" is much more difficult to achieve.


Unless your hair is pin-straight, you probably have some styling to do before you exit your home and enter the world around you.

3. A straightener has quickly become your new best-friend. 


You can crimp your hair if that's more your style. However, when you have curls AND bangs, a straightener becomes a must.

4. Hairspray is now on your Target list.


Bangs fly away if they aren't held down by this stuff. I never felt the need to buy hairspray until now.

5. You feel like your hair is a mess 25/8.


Perhaps this is just me because I also have an abundance of curls, but I am willing to bet someone else out there can relate!

6. Your Pinterest board is filled to the brim with all the hairstyles.


When you find a hairstyle that will work for ya', you MUST add that to your board.

7. You constantly see 5 year old's with the same haircut as you.


So what if you are twinning with the child you babysit? All is well.

8. You regularly consider trimming them yourself.


Let's be real, they constantly seem to be growing and then you consider breaking out the scissors (props to you if you can actually do this successfully).

At the end of the day, be confident in your ability to pull off those bangs as an adult! You are doing great. You look great. I feel your pain on the windiest of days.