Must-Watch Bad Early 2000s Movies
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Must-Watch Bad Early 2000s Movies

Bad 2000s Movies that I still love today

Must-Watch Bad Early 2000s Movies

I'm a sucker for early 2000s bad movies. Since I grew up during the 2000s and I watched whatever my sister was watching. I really didn't know these movies were rated poorly. So here's a list of movies I absolutely loved. You guys should go back and watch these if you have already seen them or haven't!

From Justin To Kelly (2003)

This is the Godfather of bad 2000s Movies. I have no shame in saying I love this movie. I will even go as far to say I know all the lyrics to the songs till this day. Break out a From Justin To Kelly song and you got me singing. It has all the elements of an early 2000's teen movie. 1. Songs 2.Beach 3. Bitchy best friend 4. Love. This movie is so embarrassing to watch but you will love it because if you grew up in the 2000s or watching American Idol, you will feel nostalgic.

The Master of Disguise (2002)

I thought this movie was hilarious. I always repeated "the turtle" and the "whose your daddy"; I loved those parts. I love Dana Carvey. The movie is just all over the place but I love the costumes and all the locations. It also has the typical kid jokes about farting and all that stuff. Also the main character was just a lovable little man . He just wanted to rescue his parents. The intro was so cool; It was the master of disguise book with a mix and match showing you all the possible outfits he could wear. It was really interesting to be able to disguise yourself.

Sugar & Spice (2001)

I loved this movie because I thought it was funny as a kid. It an interesting concept and like most young girls, I was into gymnastics and cheerleading when this came out. All the characters are so interesting. I remember there was one character that loved Conan O'Brian and I thought that was funny as a kid because they would show her lusting over him and he is such a weird looking man. The costumes also were amazing. I love them dressing up as barbie dolls. I loved the main couple because they reminded me of Brittany and Kevin from Daria.

Josie and the Pussycats (2001)

I loved this movie because it incorporated music and I loved the songs. At one point in my life I wore the Josie and the pussycats ears and I rarely toke them off. It is actually funnier now watching it because I understand the jokes . Its a good time. I know its not ranked that high but it gives that early 2000's vibe that I just dig. Its also great seeing the clothing and blue eyeshadow. Everthing was about shimmering. We can't leave out how they mock *NSYNC--it's beautiful.

Big Fat Liar (2002)

The idea is crazy but it could happen. Maybe. This is so bad its good. Like who would of thought of the idea of stealing a middle schoolers paper. I guess most middler school kids dream of hitting it big the easy way. The kids are ruthless and are going against the rules and I loved that. They were just being wacky kids.This was the type of movie where you would be like hey i would want to do that. It inspired me to do mischief. Also Amanda Bynes and Frankie Muniz were so big and to have those two together was just a magical combinations

Get Over It (2001)

No joke I had to play Puck in A Midsummer's Night Dream and I used this movie as a main inspiration. Shakespeare plays have always been intertwined with Hollywood. But a big thing was involving Shakespeare's hits with teen audiences. This movie has amazing early 2000's editing. It is so abrupt and a little bit outlandish but in the same sense quirky. It also has early 2000's movie queen Kirsten Dunst.

Is it like really like you remember? Think back to when you stayed up watching movies with an older sister, brother or cousin. Which were your favorites? Did you share secret laughs saying the lines from these movies? Tell me about it!

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