My Rollercoaster Of Emotions During 'The Bachelor' Finale

My Rollercoaster Of Emotions During 'The Bachelor' Finale

I went from fully supported Colton and Cassie, to not wanting them to be together, and back again all within the course of a few episodes.

This has been my first season watching The Bachelor, and I have been told many times that it wasn't the best season to start on. I was never a huge fan of Colton from the start, and I'm not entirely sure why. He has just given me a weird vibe the entire season. I feel like I can never tell when he's being truly genuine with the girls (see: Colton sending Caelynn home and giving basically no explanation).

Colton messed up, big time. I get that he really loved Cassie, but he also claimed to be falling in love with both Tayshia and Hannah G, too. I also get that he was trying to say whatever it took to get her to stay… but I still don't think he should've told her she was the one when there are still two other girls there, one who hadn't even had her date with him yet. I'm not the biggest fan of Hannah G, but maybe he should have given her a chance and seen how their date went.

He probably should have seen everything coming when everybody warned him that some people weren't ready to be engaged at the end of this and when Cassie was the only one during hometowns that didn't fully express how she was feeling about Colton. I don't blame Cassie, I think it's okay that she isn't ready or doesn't know for sure if Colton is the one. Feelings can be hard to express or know for sure, especially when you're in an environment like the Bachelor and are so young.

The whole finale was dragged out way too long. There's only so much of Colton saying he loves Cassie and everyone crying that I can take. I'm pretty sure we all knew after Colton confessed how he felt about Cassie that he was going to end the other two relationships and go after Cassie. Did he really have any other option at that point? It would have been really bad if he had chosen one of the other girls and then they looked back and saw everything that he said to Cassie.

I was really confused when Colton told Hannah G that he thought it was going to be her, when he had just said to Cassie that he would think about her when he was on other dates. I know that he probably didn't fully realize his feelings for Cassie until he was about to lose her forever, but some of the things he was saying just didn't add up.

If I'm being honest, I've wanted Colton to be with Cassie for a while, but I wasn't sure how I was feeling after their breakup. The whole thing was just really awkward and I actually felt really bad for Colton. He was really heartbroken and Cassie wasn't given much of an explanation other than she didn't know what she wanted and didn't want him to give up a possible engagement for her. He said that didn't matter to him, but she still felt the need to leave.

There was so much of them just sitting around and saying the same things over and over. We all knew she was trying to leave, but Colton kept telling her how much he loved her and the conversation was going nowhere. Then the iconic fence jump! It is crazy how upset Colton was that he just wanted to be done with the entire show right then and there. Can you imagine going through all of that for nothing?

Fast forward to when Colton went to get Cassie back. For starters, she said before he showed up at her room that she was ready to go home and move on with her life… yikes. When Colton showed up, she honestly didn't seem that surprised to see him. I don't know how to describe their talk other than that it was… interesting. Again, I still felt uncomfortable and awkward about how Cassie was acting. All she could really say was that she was shocked and couldn't believe that this was happening.

I do think it was really funny when Colton told her he broke up with the other girls and she had to stop herself from laughing. When Colton asked for another chance how was she supposed to say no? Especially when he invited her to Spain to meet his parents, there was no way that she was going to reject him again.

I did feel some sympathy for Cassie having to meet his parents when she still wasn't entirely confident in her feelings. It can't be easy telling them that you're not in love yet, but still want to see where the relationship goes. Of course they're going to be hesitant and skeptical because they're protective over Colton and can see how in love he is. When the time for their date came, I was definitely still hesitant about Cassie and their relationship. But Cassie redeemed herself, in my opinion. I get how past relationships can influence you and make you hesitant about future ones, but a lot of drama and hurt feelings could have been avoided if she would've talked about her past sooner.

I still wasn't 100% sure about their relationship until I saw them come out together at the end and they showed the clips of them together since their last date and the fantasy suite. They looked so cute, happy, and comfortable together. I honestly loved how Cassie made the video for Colton about how she had known and wrote down pretty early on that she loved him, but she was just afraid to express it. I was shocked when they said they had talked about engagement, but I guess it has been a while and their relationship has seemed to progress A LOT. I'm definitely happy for them and think they are a really cute couple!

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