Baby Animals That Are Breaking The Internet
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Baby Animals That Are Breaking The Internet

The cutest animal videos hit you right in the feels.

Baby Animals That Are Breaking The Internet

Do the weekdays get you down? Are you not a morning person? Does the thought of the remaining months of winter make you sad? Thankfully, during these dark months, some of the cutest animals have decided to grace the internet. Forget Kim Kardashian, these baby animals win the prize for breaking the internet in the classiest way possible.

1. Nora The Polar Bear

Here's an adorable video of Nora growing up!

2. Yoga Girl And Penny The Goat

Rachel Brathen (aka Yoga Girl) doing a vinyasa flow with her goat Penny may be one of the greatest things to come off of Instagram.

3. A Giant Panda And The DC Snowstorm

It turns out that giant Pandas love snow, making them even more lovable.

4. The "I love you" Pug

Get ready to love this talking pug with your entire heart.

5. "Yas" Cat

Talking animals are now a thing.

6. "In The Air Tonight" Puppy

This chubby puppy has lots of rhythm.

7. Dogs With Man-buns

Only acceptable man-bun is the dog man-bun.

8. Overly Excited Piglet

Watch this tiny little piglet roll around in an adorable manner.

10. Goldens Sharing A Tennis Ball

This is the most precious game of tug that you will ever watch.

11. Sliding Lab Puppy

Sliding down stairs was always fun as a kid, but it's way better when puppies try it out.

12. Violet The Goat

This tough little goat wearing a striped sweater will melt your heart.

13. Panda Hugs

Watch a woman getting an actual bear hug from a super cuddly panda.

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