Most teenage boys growing up saw the Kim Kardashians, Amber Roses, and Nicki Minaj’s of the world and thought that is what the ideal female should be and act like. They also wouldn’t give a woman like Ayesha Curry a look as they viewed conservative women and less revealing women as a turn off. Most teenage girls viewed woman like Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, and Nicki Minaj as very promiscuous women, and tried to shame those who had promiscuous sex, or anything to do with those women. They also viewed those Ayesha Curry’s as role models as they appeared to be much more than good looks.

Fast forward to 2016, and we have a change of thinking. Now most men want their ideal woman to be someone like Ayesha Curry. Someone with family values, an ideal housewife, someone you can take home to momma. Not to mention that she’s a world class cook, and cooking to a man is a huge turn on, as the way to his heart is through his stomach. One has to wonder why this change has occurred. One might say this change has occurred due to the boredom promiscuous sex may give a man, as they would prefer to settle down and enjoy life with one woman. This raises a major problem however. While most men should be commended for looking for more than just looks in a woman, it isn’t just about wanting a woman with these values. I could want a million dollars, but that doesn’t mean I deserve it. And just because you want to settle down with an Ayesha Curry doesn’t mean you’re her Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry is an NBA superstar, arguably the most popular and best player in the world and can have any woman on the planet if he chose to. Despite Stephen having these credentials and being able to have anyone he may choose, he chose the woman most guys were avoiding a few years ago. And it isn’t just because he’s some megastar, Ayesha has been married to Stephen Curry since 2011. This was before he was a household name, and way before he had any MVP credentials. Stephen Curry was able to show Ayesha Curry how to be treated, and how to be respected. This is something teenagers avoided years ago, and are now paying the consequences.

Another major change that has occurred is within women. The promiscuous women who were sought after just a few years ago, are now no longer desired and are now shamed for being so promiscuous. Those promiscuous women who at one point were able to get away with being pretty, aren’t so lucky anymore. Ayesha Curry has shown men, there’s more than just the prettiest of curves and a mouth with some sharp skills. Now, these women have tried to shame Ayesha Curry for some comments she made about how she prefers to dress. Now, I’m not a fan of condemning a woman for being promiscuous or praising a woman for being conservative because quite frankly, neither have much value on a person’s character. This may show one’s ability to make decisions, but that’s a different argument for a different time. Women who want to be promiscuous, should be allowed to be as promiscuous as possible, just like someone should be allowed to be as conservative as possible. Just don’t get in someone’s face spreading your message of acceptance, then crying foul when someone has a different opinion than you.

Men now have a new standard that doesn’t involve any booty shaking, and a greater reason to respect women (who they should be respecting anyway). Some women now have hope that men will look beyond the good looks of a woman, while other women are upset their looks can’t be enough. Thank you Ayesha Curry.