Looking for a unique spa experience? Or maybe a genuinely healthy snack? Lucky for you, you can receive both of these luxuries at one place. If you haven't had the chance to stop by AXIOS lifestyle spa and smoothie bar, here are five reasons why you should spend your extra cash here!

1. They're honest about their ingredients.

You may be wondering, why would I splurge on a smoothie or acai bowl at AXIOS? Well, unlike most places, AXIOS does not add any sugar or artificial ingredients to their products- everything is made fresh! Most juiceries add artificial sweeteners to your smoothie without even mentioning it on the menu. But this is one place where I can truly be sure that anything I order is safe to put in my body- and is actually healthy.

2. You'll feel like you're on vacation.

It's really difficult to be unhappy at AXIOS. Although it is a juicery combined with a spa, the atmosphere resembles that of a luxury spa. I've never had a negative experience at AXIOS because of their cleanliness and peaceful atmosphere. If you're feeling stressed out or in need of some quiet time, this is the perfect place to wind down with a premium smoothie or spa service.

3. Their employees are genuinely happy to help you.

When walking into AXIOS, it's difficult to find anyone in the store without a smile on their face. This is because of the wonderful employees who work there. Being an indecisive person, I always have plenty of questions to ask- which the employees are happy to answer! Besides their patience and positivity, the employees are well informed about each spa service and product sold in the store. Their exemplary customer service is one of the primary reasons I always enjoy my visits here!

4. AXIOS cares about the environment.

It is no question that our planet is in danger, and thankfully AXIOS recognizes this. They are the only certified green spa in Tallahassee, meaning that they make a point to conserve energy and use recyclable products. AXIOS sells Eminence products, which belong to an all-natural and organic beauty line. This high-end skin care line requires that businesses who wish to sell their products follow strict guidelines in an effort to protect the environment. All natural and environmentally friendly- what's not to love!

5. Employees at AXIOS are educated and experienced.

Every employee at AXIOS is highly trained and knowledgeable about their trade. During a recent visit, I asked employees various questions about the products and spa services- and they had a detailed answer for every one of them! The people who work there seem to be especially passionate about their jobs and the physical and mental health of their customers. At AXIOS, you can be sure that your message will be conducted by a highly trained professional, and you will know each ingredient in your all-natural smoothie!

If you're in need of a mini-vacation away from all of the stress that comes with daily life, be sure to stop by Tallahassee's only Green Certified Spa. Whether it's their signature Himalayan salt therapy service or a fresh smoothie, you'll most definitely enjoy your experience at AXIOS lifestyle spa.