This is the age of awareness. Being that we as a society are now able to know and research whatever we want because of the invention and gift of our cell phones. Yes, the use of a cellphone is abused and social media does have A TON of problems… but the fact we are able to learn whenever we want, now that is an amazing gift.

But, not everyone uses it to its ultimate potential. It’s funny because a few weeks ago was election day for primaries in my state (New Jersey) and there were those who were my age, with a cell phone who did not know it was election day and did not know who they were voting for or who was even running.

This confused me because I assumed as our generation of millennials we are able to learn and know more what is going on outside of our homes much easier than in the 20th century. Today I went to an Earth fair for FREE, about 20 minutes from my town. Crazy how most of the people I saw attending were either families with younger children or older adults. There were not many college kids or high schoolers. See, we are the future, right now. This is our time to make a difference, and try change what's hurting our world. It is our time to make an impact on our earth and the future kids growing up.

So I’m asking, why? Why is it so many of us, the “millennials,” aren’t using the tools to search or learn or ask for information right in front of us?

Okay, so not everything you read about or article you find will turn out to be true. I absolutely know that but the internet is so vast and has every side of the hexagonal story which is what makes it so beautiful to take from.

So even though I’m asking why, I’m going to give out some tips to those who are struggling with trying to learn or research.

  1. Use google to find a few articles, and I mean a few. Don’t just base your information off the first site or tweet you find. Information can get reworded and changed over time through different social media and blog sites.
  2. Ask a friend, ask a family member, ask google, go to the library, and just keep asking why. I have a friend who works as a secretary and spends most of her time on the computer researching news articles because she doesn’t know the history of it (for example, why is Great Britain leaving the European Union, how are those in the United Kingdom responding, how are those across Europe responding, and why does that have to do with us here in America).
  3. Take everything with a grain of salt, you will always be learning because there is so much to learn and know, so don’t believe you already do know everything.
  4. Stop relying on social media for news because it’s not always reliable (but it does give you an idea on what to research).
  5. Go on Netflix or Amazon and watch a few documentaries.
  6. The biggest tip I have, is to share with others. Whatever you learn or find, just give your knowledge to those who don't know. Share what you learn so others can share it as well. The more people who know what's happening in our world, the more people there are to make a stand or support what is happening. For example, equality.

The tips are small but what I find extremely helpful because I know for myself I love watching documentaries and reading books, and I do find myself looking up words online A LOT especially when I’m reading Oscar Wilde.

It honestly doesn't matter how many likes you get on a post of yourself but if you are able to share a tip or a fact or something useful to others, then I think those likes do matter.

I just hope that you find ways to become more aware. Aware of the good and bad, because the world is huge, and there are so many countries, cultures, foods, animals, and politics everywhere and who knows you may find yourself being drawn to an article about puppy mills or about politics which can impact your life. It’s important to understand the world around you so you can better understand yourself, and the changes you hope to make. Discoveries happen every day.

I only hope you can take this knowledge and share it and use it. I hope I can stop asking why no one is using our gift of technology, and just continue sharing knowledge of our home and what is happening outside our home.