1. Eat lunch at Toomer's Corner

2. Climb the rock climbing wall in the rec pool

3. Wait in the ridiculously long line to see a basketball game

4. Bar crawl and go to all four bars in one night

5. Roll Toomer's after an Auburn win

6. Pull an all-nighter in RBD

7. Storm the field

8. Befriend a football player

9. Eat at Wellness

10. Picnic on Samford

11. Go on a date to Acre

12. Eat Little Italy's at 3 a.m.

13. Work the concourse

14. Experience the boom boom room in Sky Bar

15. Attend a social or formal

16. Ride a "weagle" bike

18. Get blueberry gum from the security shuttle driver

19. Get on the stage at sky on your 21st birthday

20. Go to Rodeo