7 Attributes Of A Strong Personality
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7 Attributes Of A Strong Personality

Here are a few words that were an attempt to describe my strong personality.

7 Attributes Of A Strong Personality

Since I was a child I have been called many names. These names were not thrown at me as some sort of insult but they were an attempt to describe my certain personality type. I have a very strong personality. This should not be confused with a domineering personality or an overwhelming personality. When I was younger it seemed bad, unhealthy that I had this special quirk about me, however as I grew I began to understand myself much more. Here are a few words that were an attempt to describe my strong personality: Argumentative, Insensitive, Cold, Unwavering, Rebellious, Disrespectful, Selfish and so many more.

I have compiled a list of signs that you have a strong personality and interpret their meaning through my own experiences.

1. Logic and Reason Trump Emotions

Those with strong personalities understand that logic tends to be the...well the most logical way to view situations. This causes us to process information and take in all facts and perspectives of an instance. This doesn't necessarily mean that we don't act on our instincts at times, it's just that our instincts are geared towards more logical approaches first.

Emotions are messy, unreliable and they cloud judgement on a plethora of levels. By remaining logical those with strong personalities are able to determine when emotional reasoning should be used to solve or understand a situation. Empathy is a wonderful tool, but there have been plenty of times where emotions are the worst thing in a situation.

2. Very Decisive in Serious Situations

Most of my friends could say that I am rather indecisive and that can be true, however it is simply because I weigh my options very carefully. By placing both options on a mental scale and weighing the pros and cons, both long and short term, I am able to make the best decision for myself.

In day to day life this may seem quite unnecessary but once a decision has been made it is in the nature of a strong personality to stick with it. This does not mean that a person with a SP is ignorant and unwilling to change. It simply promotes the fact that you must appeal to their sense of reasoning and logic for them to find fault in their own mental calculations.

It is shown that people with strong personalities tend to be very strong leaders. This natural tendency causes others to flock towards them because of their ability to make decisions, dish out directions and place themselves at the top of a social ladder.

3. Opinionated

There is a difference between being opinionated and, to put it bluntly, talking out your ass. People that contain a strong personality offer their opinions when they find a flaw in logic or simply want to increase intellectual stimulation by offering a different point of view. Not only do they offer their opinion but they also listen to the opinions of others and do not negate them. However, there are plenty of times were someone with an SP can listen to someone else's reasoning and openly state their logical fallacies and then offer a reason why. Does this mean that the person with an SP went into a debate ready to rip apart the other person's logic? No. These instances are attempts at helping broadening someone's point of view on a subject(s).

4. You Don't Need the Spotlight

Attention is something that you don't personally find interesting. Yes you get attention from plenty of people but it doesn't mean you necessarily need something just because you have it. Many people with strong personalities get a lot of attention from others. This makes others perceive that we actually thrive off of this attention, but in reality we allow ourselves to have it. We socialize because it is almost as if we obligate ourselves. We believe that everyone should have someone like us in their lives. Someone who is rational, understanding, honest and so forth.

Like a moth to a flame, people are attracted to strong personalities.

5. Fear is for the Weak

Oh please, of course we're scared of something but we don't let that fear dictate our lives. It is clear that everyone has fears. Those with strong personalities understand that fear is a biological response to keep us alive. We fear things for the sake of our own safety but when we let those fears consume us, that's where the problem lies. Strong personalities are able to recognize and understand the fears they have and then continue on with their lives, never being crippled by irrationality.

6. Small Talk? Ew.

Small talk to a strong personality is the equivalent to listening to an adult from Charlie Brown. All we hear is "wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh" because if there is no substance in the conversation, why are we conversing? If you can't take and return intellectual stimulation there is little for us to say. I can say that I am very guilty of showing large amounts of apathy towards those that bring small talk to the table. I'm not saying that one should reveal their inner truths and deepest regrets right off the bat in a conversation, but I find that nothing should be off limits to those that understand people have differing views. These conversations broaden perspective and cause growth, by lessening your opinion in some form of submission there is nothing gained from the conversation.

7. Apathy: Who Cares? (Selective Apathy)

Selective Apathy this can be to dismiss negative things and care or be empathetic about positive ones or dismiss negative things and care about personal things or similar combinations. Those with strong personalities can easily be called cold or callous, however we are actually choosing what and what not to care about. The phrase "I don't care" is given such a negative connotation in today's society when, in fact, it simply states: "I am not caring about this situation so that I can care about another situation even more." In other words, it is attributed to a form of narrowed focus. I am very guilty of Selective Apathy. I have had such a trait since childhood and it is still a very important ability I use to my advantage in day to day life. It is possible for this trait to evolve on its own and subconsciously dictate what one does and does not care about.

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