Goodbye Rudeness, Hello Kindness

Goodbye Rudeness, Hello Kindness

Sometimes we need to check ourselves and our attitudes

We all have those days, you know the ones where things just can’t seem to go your way. The day where you’re behind schedule, spilling or dropping anything that contains a hot mess and seems to screw up whatever task you get your get your hands on.

The day where you’re not one to be messed with for fear that you may possibly produce an overflow of lava from the crown of your head, which could end badly because of your already pounding headache, also known as Monday. Days like this happen sometimes but that’s no excuse to throw around rudeness or disrespect like confetti. Rain is beautiful but when you’re raining on everyone’s parade with a sour attitude or sharp words, you kinda spoil the parade.

The worst is when this occurs to those who are serving you.

No matter if it’s ordering food, paying for gas, checking into a hotel, boarding a plane, sampling lotion, or dining for lunch, the people who are serving you most likely have a job where they have to constantly deal with people. You may be surprised at the fact that your attitude can make or break their work shift or their entire day. It’s not expected that you become the best of friends with people but at least giving a friendly smile or greeting goes a long way.

If you encounter someone who doesn’t have the greatest attitude that’s still no reason to be vicious. As the famous saying goes, you can’t fight fire with fire, the same applies here. No good will come out of everyone treating each other with disrespect. The best way to go about a situation like this is to actually be kind.

It doesn’t matter if the person you’re dealing with continues to carry their harsh attitude, just focus on evaluating your attitude, making it as kind and warm as possible. Regardless of their attitude at least you can continue on with your day knowing that you were you’re best yourself even when faced with someone who may not have been the nicest.

In cases like this, the best remedy is love.

Other people are not to be used as punching bags, stress balls, or whatever else you wish to smash due to frustration and life happening. Life happens but that doesn’t mean you take it out on everyone around you.

Your terrible, horrible no good, very bad day doesn’t go to the person serving you lunch, the person who grabbed a parking spot closest to the door just as you were about to pull in it, or the person who bumped into you while passing by without excusing themselves. Not to say that their actions are respectful nor right but we can’t control others. We can only be the best versions of ourselves.

The way we treat others has a much bigger effect that we know. Just as a smile can make a person naturally smile back and make them feel welcomed and invited without being conscious of it, the same applies for our attitudes. When we go around with craptastic attitudes towards others it has a ripple effect that tends to bring others down. You don’t have to enjoy people, and you may be experiencing a bad day but everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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50 One Liners Drunk Girls Say

It happens to the best of us.

We all know it when we see it; drunk girls are always easy to spot and will say or scream at least two of following things below on a night out after a few (too many) drinks.

1. I'm not even drunk

2.Do you want to get food?

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4. What should I get to drink?

5. Should I text him?

6. I'm literally fine.

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8. I'm leaving right now.

9. This is my favorite song.

10. Will you dance with me?

11. I haven't even had that much to drink.

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48. I think I'm dying.

49. Will you call me in the morning?

50. I'm going to sleep so good tonight.

Cover Image Credit: Kortney Hall

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5 Things To Look Forward To This Summer

You will not ever be bored if you use your time wisely.

Earlier I did an article where I spoke about 5 things not to look forward to this summer. But despite those mishaps, there is sure to be a lot of great, terrific things to look forward to this summer. You guys are looking forward to topping last year's summer, and I hope you achieve it. But here are 5 things to look forward to.

1. The cookouts/barbecues

The cookouts and barbecues are going to be a sure fire thing...literally. I can smell the food now. The roasted hot dogs, the flame-grilled hamburgers, and the salty potato chips!!!! Oh my!!! And I would also like barbecue chicken to go along with my cookout, and it would be a perfect cookout. But the best cookouts is when they are tons of people, and everyone is chucking it up and having a great time. Those are the memories that will be cherished forever. It will not be the potato salad that was made by a secret recipe that your mom will cherish forever. Or it will not be the endless food that you have to store away, before it gets eaten quickly. But seriously, you all should do this!!!

2. The beaches/oceans/pools

With great food comes water, and water is around us 24/7. Why not indulge in it, by taking a plunge into the water. Besides drinking water, we can enjoy the beaches, the oceans and even the pools. But the pool may be cleaner, at least I hope. You can be one with yourself when you are in the water. The sun and the temperatures are going to be brutal this summer, and it is refreshing to dive in to the water, besides the water in your bathtub. Caution: please be safe at all times when you are going around water. Just because it is refreshing does not mean, it will not kill you. I know you all are going to do somersaults and having contests, of who can hold their breath the longest under water, but be careful. But aside from all that, I LOVE THE WATER!!!!

3. Family time

During the majority of the year, we as individuals are constantly berated with different tasks. Whether it be tasks for our jobs, our spouses, our side businesses or even a friend, we have something that occupies our time, besides our family. When the summer comes, everything tends to simmer down. Business seems to go slower, everyone is not in a rush to get from point A to point B. With that being said, there would be more time for us to spend time with family. We can come visit our parents, our grandparents, and aunts and uncles. We can even have weird conversations with our little cousins, and make them laugh until the sun goes down. These are all impactful, gracious times that you can never get, and are cherished for a lifetime. These are times that we need to share with our family, because we all are not here forever.

4. The environment

Even though it is going to be hot and humid, it still makes a great time to get many things done. The summer nights are going to be longer, the stars are going to shine brighter than ever before, and there is going to be fire brewing wherever you go. You can go camping and makes those s'mores like nobody else can. You can have those long car rides, that only time will tell you where you will end up. You can go kayaking and hiking along the mountains and waterfalls, that nature itself cannot explain, how beautiful this world really is. This world is a great, mystique beauty to see, and the best part is, everyone can experience it.

5. Idle time

I know in my last article I said that, boredom can be a nuisance when the summer comes, just because everything slows down. But this can also work out in your favor. You will not ever be bored, if you use your time wisely. Take your idle time to read that book you been meaning to read, work on your music, if you are me, and do something self-reflection. If there is anything you need to work on yourself, whether it be emotionally, physically, spiritually or morally, then this time would be the perfect time to do it. The things you do in your idle time, will be pivotal in your crunch time.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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