The ABC's of ASU
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The ABC's of ASU

Get to know the Arizona State University campus, customs and traditions through the ABC's

The ABC's of ASU

Arizona State University is at the heart of Arizona with five campuses across the state. The school is known for its school spirit, sports culture and scorching heat!

Home to many kids around the world, ASU has a little something for everyone. Learn more about the customs, traditions, the campus, and more by reading the ABC's of ASU:

A is for "A" Mountain

"A" Mountain is an iconic symbol for all of ASU. It is located right next to the football stadium and across from the Tempe Campus. It has a sense of pride for students, who can see the symbol while walking through Tempe. The A is painted a couple times a year and the mountain is a short but fun spot to hike.

B is for Blaze Radio

Blaze Radio is the school's radio station. It is played throughout the campus and is a big part of the Walter Cronkite School. You can listen here:

C is for C.A.S.A. Tempe

C.A.S.A. Tempe is a bar and restaurant apart of Mill Avenue's club scene. There is never a night where C.A.S.A. is not packed. Known for its famous alcoholic buckets; it has many newly turned 21 year olds lined up out the door.

D is for Dirty Dough

Dirty Dough is a late-night cookie delivery service that has taken over Tempe. The late-night cookie delivery has never flavors each month along with their classic chocolate chip cookies. Not only do the cookies sell out every night, but they have a huge social media presence.

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E is for El Hefe

El Hefe, like C.A.S.A. Tempe, is a huge part of Mill Avenue's club scene. It is definitely the place to be for all visiting and attending ASU on the weekends.

F is for Forks Up

Forks Up is the traditional ASU cheer and symbol of pride. Just like USC has its peace sign styled fight on sign, ASU has its Forks Up chant. Forks up can be achieved by holding your ring finger and thumb together!

G is for Game Day

G is for Game Day! Game Day and football season at ASU is one of the best times of the year. From tailgates to the street long parties on Mill Avenue, nothing beats football season!

H is for Herm Edwards

Herm Edwards has become a staple at ASU. Edwards is not only a coach for ASU, but he spends time at the Cronkite School. Students love Herm, and he makes football season even more exciting!

I is for Innovation

Innovation is ASU's claim to fame. ASU has beat out Stanford and MIT for five years. There are billboards and even chants that ASU celebrates this achievement with.

J is for Journalism

Journalism is a huge part of the Tempe and Downtown Phoenix campus. The Walter Cronkite School is acclaimed and has had many special guests from Anderson Cooper to Lester Holt. The campus has organizations like The State Press, Odyssey Online ASU, The Chic Daily, Downtown Devil and more.

K is for Kaleidoscope Juice

Kaleidoscope Juice is located in downtown phoenix. It is a little bit of a walk from campus but is near many shops downtown! The local business is known for its juices and smoothies but also has amazing breakfast and coffee.

L is for Live Music

Live music is a big thing for students and the state of Arizona. With multiple venues in both Phoenix and Tempe, students are always out seeing new bands. ASU even hosts multiple free concerts for students every year; some artists have consisted of Foster The People and All American Rejects.

M is for Mill Avenue

Mill Avenue is the heart of ASU. It is the definition of what a college town is. From bars to clubs to restaurants and local stores; Mill is the party scene every college kid dreams of.

N is for Nobu

Recently, the Scottsdale mall known as Fashion Square has opened up a Nobu. It is going to be a hot spot for students shopping and wanting to have a fancy night out.

O is for Old Main

You can never miss Old Main when walking through campus. It is one of the prettiest parts of campus and is known for being the picture zone. New students, graduates, and more lineup to take photo by the fountain or on the steps of Old Main.

P is for Palm Walk

The Palm Walk is something ASU students walk every day. It is a famous photo zone and an area where everything seems very collegiate. Students are walking or running to class, some are listening to music, others are loudly talking on their phones, some skateboard and others ride their bikes; it is truly an area where you can get a glimpse of ASU culture.

Q is for Qdoba

ASU's Tempe campus has a Qdoba located in the MU. It is a hit for students as it always has a line. Students usually go to Qdoba and then quickly run into Starbucks for a coffee.

R is for Roosevelt Row

Roosevelt Row is where the downtown Phoenix students go on their weekends if they don't make the trip to Tempe! From new bars to First Friday's, Roosevelt Row is the place to be.

S is for Sparky

Sparky is ASU's infamous mascot and has the hearts of many students. All students wear sparky sweatshirts and t-shirts and are excited to see the devil on game days!

T is for Tempe Town Lake

Tempe Town Lake is where many students and residents spend their weekends. The lake has fun outdoor activities such as boating and has an amazing view of the well known Arizona sunsets. Many students take photos here or go on runs since it is connected to Tempe Beach Park; where many events are held.

U is for Urban Outfitters

An Urban Outfitters is located near most ASU campuses, and it is where you can find half the student population. The franchise is a hit with young adults and can be caught full of students on the weekends.

V is for the Van Buren

The Van Buren is another one of the well known venues in Arizona located in downtown Phoenix. The Van Buren host many concerts and is only blocks away from the downtown campus.

W is for the Walter Cronkite School

The Walter Cronkite School is home to some of ASU's most prestige students. The innovated technology and the thriving atmosphere is amazing for students who are eager to enter the field. The college gives students early access to professionalism and amazing connections for the future.

X is for an extra S: The Secret Garden

X marks the spot! The Secret Garden is one of the most calming spots on campus. It is located in the middle of campus but that is the only hint I'll give.

Y is for YMCA

The YMCA is located right next to ASU's student gym in downtown Phoenix. Many students also chose to workout at the YMCA!

Z is for Ziggy's Pizza

Ziggy's Pizza is a new pizza joint located next to the Van Buren. It is great for if you want a slice of pizza while waiting in line or after the concert. It is also great as it has secret club; you enter through the freezer of the pizza joint and are in what is known as the Stardust.

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