ASPCA Makes History In Raleigh, NC.
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ASPCA Makes History In Raleigh, NC.

Rescuing more than 600 animals, the ASPCA saves lives.

ASPCA Makes History In Raleigh, NC.

In Raleigh, NC, the ASPCA made history with one of the largest rescues of companion animals, where 600 or more dogs, cats, horses, and other various animals were seized from a no-kill shelter.

Around 300 dogs and puppies were being cared for in two 40,000-square-foot warehouses opened by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Some had untreated injuries and illnesses, and investigators found dozens of carcasses on the 122-acre site.

Tim Rickey, the ASPCA vice president of field investigations, stated, "They were ecstatic, and our goal is to make each day better for them than the day before."

The Haven-Friends for Life, a private shelter in Raeford had its last recorded license from the state in June 2015. Managed by Stephen Joseph and Linden Spear appeared in court on Thursday for animal cruelty charges didn't respond to The Associated Press, when asked about the case.

The ASPCA will soon petition in court for legal custody o the animals and hopes all will be adopted after the animals are properly taken care of and safely medicated if needed.

When the operation is complete, the number could get up to 650, and would be recorded as the second largest companion animal rescue in history o the ASPCA. The largest rescue took place in Florida 2012, where 700 cats were rescued and 4,000 chickens from a cockfighting raid.

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