My Boyfriend Answers 20 Adorable Questions
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I Asked My Boyfriend 15 Adorable Questions

I have always wanted to ask my boyfriend a bunch of cute questions.

I Asked My Boyfriend 15 Adorable Questions
Skyler Anderson

I have always wanted to ask my boyfriend a bunch of cute questions so I used

Out of 150 questions, I asked my boyfriend 15, and here is what he had to say.

1. "How do you feel when we are apart?"

"I feel like when we are apart there is apart of me that is missing because I always want to tell you about my day or things that I have learned that day, but I have to wait for our phone call at the end of the night. I also feel happy, because even though we are apart I still feel very lucky just to have you."

2. "Why do you love me?"

"Oh wow, what a question. I love you for many reasons, some very small and others more prominent. Just spending my time with you makes me feel happy, even though I will never be able to get my time back, I just always want to spend my time with you. There's no one else that has ever made me feel how you make me feel. I love you because you help me love myself, meaning, you make me feel special because you make it known how much you love and adore me and that makes me feel happy with who I am. You just always have my back and I hope you know I always have yours. I love you because I have never experienced happiness as I have over the past year. I could go on forever, but I know there are other questions."

3. "If you could describe me with three words, what would they be?"

"I could describe you in many more words than just three. I guess if I can only choose three, then they'd be; Home, because you make me feel so safe. Happiness, because of how happy you make me. Nervous, because while I have zero doubts about our love, I am nervous for the future challenges we will face, but I know our love will overcome the rough times."

4. "What's something I do, that I don't realize I do, that you love?"

"When you laugh and smile at me. I'm sure you realize when you are laughing and smiling, but I don't think you realize how much I love when you do it. I also love when you tell me you're proud of me, that means a lot."

5. "Is there anything you dislike about me?"

"Honestly, I can't think of anything I dislike about you. There are some things that you might do that I get annoyed about, but I put up with it. Like how your car seemingly collects cups from every possible place that serves drinks."

6. "What is your favorite memory of me so far?"

"I have so many memories that I don't think I can single one out as a favorite. Waking up at the crack of dawn to drive to Disney World, going to visit your grandparents in Panama City Beach, spending time with your family in the pool, going to Halloween Horror Nights with our friends, and all of the time we spend watching The Tim Tracker."

7. "If I was really sad, what would you do to cheer me up?"

"I would try my best to get your mind off of whatever is bothering you, then I would give you endless hugs, then we would go eat wherever you want and most likely get some form of dessert."

8. "If I was a dessert, what would I be and why?"

"You wouldn't be a simple dessert, you'd be a more complex dessert, one with many flavors and textures. Maybe an ice cream sundae with a lot of toppings, because just how every bite is a little different, each day I spend with you creates different memories and new adventures. I don't know if that was a good answer or not, oh well, I tried."

9. "What, to you, is the most important thing in life?"

"The most important thing in life is spending your time doing something you enjoy doing, then in your free time, spend time doing something you love with the people you love. Even though I sometimes think I don't spend enough time with ones who love me, the time I do spend with them is some of my greatest memories. Also, even though it is very cliche, live life to the fullest because you never know when it may end."

10. "What was one of the best moments of your life?"

"It is honestly hard for me to pinpoint a single moment because I haven't traveled that much in my life so far, but I do have a lot of great moments. From going to New Orleans when I was 5 with my entire family, to graduating high school, to hitting my first home run with my whole family there to see, and even some of the saddest moments in my life, like losing my loved ones and failing at things. Best moments are not always great moments, the hard times in my life have taught me valuable life lessons."

11. "When do you feel appreciated the most?"

"I feel appreciated the most when I am told I have done a good job, whether it is from a professor or boss, that always makes me feel good. Also, when you tell me that you appreciate the effort if I do or try to do something nice for you."

12. "You have three wishes from a genie. Go!"

"This is a hard, yet, simple question. My first wish would be for everyone I love and care for to have long, healthy lives. My second wish would be to sustain a career I enjoy doing for a long time, like one that is all-around great, from the pay to my overall happiness while working. My final wish would be for my own children to find nothing but success and happiness in life."

13. "What is a quirky thing about me that you love?"

"Well, there aren't many weird things that you do, to be completely honest. Maybe there is, but maybe we have spent so much time together that these quirky things have become normal. I guess the only thing I can think of is how peculiar you are about your bedsheets and how you have to make sure they're exactly how you want them, while I might have thought it was annoying at first, I have realized that the little things like that make you who you are and I love who you are."

14. "Is there a song that you think of when you think of me?"

"There are a handful of songs that make me think of you. Mo Bamba always reminds me of the cute little dance you would do when the song would come on, it always made me laugh. Another would be Living by Dierks Bentley, because of the one verse about how he doesn't tell his significant other enough how much he loves her. Then there is a song that I don't listen to very often anymore, but Runaway by Tyto Grey, it was one of the first songs I played in my car with you in it, and for good reason."

15. "Do you think we're soulmates?"

"I have thought I was in love a few times before you came into my life and I probably thought those people were my soulmates, to be very honest. However, there is just something so different about you and it makes me feel very hopeful for our future together. No one has ever brought a smile to my face or joy to my life like you have, Skyler. You mean everything to me and I would do anything to make you happy. Our love was so unexpected, but it felt so right from the beginning. Every heartbreak that I have ever experienced has helped me realize how special you are and how much I want to share this life with you. My love for you has grown into something so strong and I was not prepared to fall this hard for anybody, but am I so glad it is you. I know that I'm not perfect and chances are I never will be, but you love me for who I am and you accept my flaws. When I am with you, I feel like my life is becoming something that I have always wanted and I get so excited for our future. There was a time where I was scared to grow up and get a real job and pay my bills and have a family and go to doctors appointments alone and get a house and buy a car, all of these things about growing up that used to scare me, now gets me excited because I have you by my side. Thank you for loving me for who I am and for making each day with you so special. I couldn't imagine my life without you. You are such an amazing soul on the inside and every day when I look into your eyes you get more and more beautiful. So while I cannot see into the future and see that we are soulmates, I sure hope we are. I love you, Skyler."

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