We all go through heartbreaks. Life isn't always going to bring people in to stay permanently and that's okay. Everyone is going to experience that pain whether it be through a friend, boyfriend, or even family member. I asked three girls their worst heartbreaks and how they dealt with them. These are their answers.

Age 19: "Back In February, I got into the biggest friendship fall out I've ever had in my life. They were all people that I thought were going to be forever friends, but it turned out our crossing paths were just temporary. I have lupus, an autoimmune disease where my immune system thinks my healthy tissues are foreign invaders and attacks them. For weeks, my lupus got pretty bad. I was always exhausted, even if I got a decent amount of sleep, my face was swollen 24/7, I wasn't eating properly.

All in all, I just wasn't happy anymore.

After the semester ended, I took summer classes here at State, and I was by myself for most of the summer. The pain was still a little fresh, but as the summer went on, and I spent a little time with myself, I relearned who I was and what made me happy. I took the time to be by myself again, and now about 7 months later, I'm happier than I've ever been."

Age Unknown: "One of my biggest heartbreaks was when I was 19 almost 20. I had fallen for this guy I worked with over the summer. He was super honest about how he wanted to date me even though we were going to different colleges.
When we went off to college he changed a lot and we basically stopped talking. That's the short version. But it was the first time I had really been in love. I listened to 'So What' by P!nk almost on repeat (haha idk it just got me pumped)
I also surrounded myself with great people and I told myself that each love gets to teach us something. And that's this one, in particular, taught me what I deserved, and it was much better than him. And when I figured that out, every day was just so much better."

Age 18: "My worst heartbreak happened to me from a guy that I met on accident but I knew when I met him he was going to be my best friend. We had our ups and downs in the beginning but we pushed and fought through it. Our relationship was everything but ordinary.. he understood me, he knew my petty side, my sassy side, but also my serious side. One day he and I were with some friends and we were all talking about makeup. My best friends boyfriend asked "what is highlighter?", and my boyfriend goes "bro it's the glitter stuff girls put on their face.". At that moment I look up laughing and the first words that come out of my mouth are " I love you" I know it's silly to say to someone over makeup but I only say that over makeup but the thing that got me was he listened to me when I explained the whole makeup thing to him. Long story short he told me loved me too and at that moment I was on cloud nine. I knew I was young but I also knew that I was happy. He told me so many things that sounded too good to a young girl like me. "Oh, my mom will love you." " I can't wait for you to meet my mom." "My friends are going to love you." "I can't wait to build a future with you.". Now here's the gut-wrenching part he told me those amazing things throughout the month of August and the beginning of September. September 10, 2018, was amazing we went to the mall and it was just a normal day. He'd look at me and say "I love you " and then would kiss me on my forehead. Everything was normal... he broke up with me September 11, 2018, because he wanted to enjoy his twenties, make money and get laid. (Need I remind you this is all over text). I've never felt so broken by a guy before. I know that sounds so cliche and dumb because I am so young but hearing those words makes a girl my age wonder where she went wrong and makes her wonder why she wasn't good enough. Now (because it happened just a few days ago) I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it but I do know that I'm not going to let a guy needs compromise who I am and my morals as a woman."

"Things will get better., may not seem like it, but God breaks you down so he can build you into something better." -Kelly Weddle (an amazing writer here at the Odyssey at MS State)