Asian Stereotypes In The Media
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Asian Stereotypes In The Media

Did you blink?

Asian Stereotypes In The Media

The media has become an asset for people to receive information that opens up debates and discussions that are spread throughout communities and groups. One of the most controversial and least talked about is how media stereotypes Asians. We always hear bits and pieces about cultural appropriation and cultural assimilation, but here are some issues that stereotype Asians in the media.

Karlie Kloss: Vogue's Diversity Issue

Karlie Kloss, a well-known supermodel, brought up some notable controversy when she posed for Vogue magazine for the March diversity issue as a Japanese Geisha girl. Her photos sparked reactions on social media ranging from approval and praise to shaming and condemnation. The phrase that was quoted the most was "culture is not a costume". Many were outraged that Vogue only used two models for one picture each with Kloss posing for the majority. Ironically, the issue is based on diversity and although Kloss is the cover for the issue, many say she should have known what she was getting herself into after her apology about culture sensitivity.

How to eat Pho "Properly"

A website for food fanatics, Bon Appetit, posted a video of Tyler Akin, a Philadelphia-based chef of Stock restaurant, claiming to say what he believes is the "best" way to eat pho. The video was titled "This is how you should be eating Pho." This prompted pho lovers and people that grew up eating and making this dish to immediately question the legitimacy of the video. They claimed that Akin did not understand or take the time to know the history of the dish and "colonized" the history by stating that "Pho is the new Ramen". Pho comes from Vietnam and ramen comes from Japan. Two entirely different dishes that contain different noodles and meats. This hurt Akin's credibility as a chef because people took to Yelp to give his restaurant a one star rating due to his video and comments. The video was taken down soon after.

Asians in the media and the movies: Scarlett Johannson and the Ghost in the Shell?

A popular Anime movie series known as Ghost in the Shell is getting a Live-Action makeover that stars Scarlett Johannson as the main character. This has prompted debate in the movie community and the anime and has brought up the old issue about casting white actors to play Asian roles.

Asian Fetish

This term is used to describe someone who is only into Asians, more specifically, dating specifics. This is very offensive to Asians because of the way Asians are viewed in the media through the eyes of the Western culture. In detail, a person that sees an Asian would view them as cute, bubbly, or any trend from both the West and Asia. It seems very degrading and objectifying as opposing to knowing the person in general.

Asian Portrayal in the Media

In the media, other races are seen as more dominant, sexy, and confident due to their appearance and roles when it comes to movies, television, and anything not in the math and science industry. Asians are often seen as not attractive, often Chinese, awkward, undesired, poor, and related to every Asian. This is due to the lack of Asians in the entertainment industry.....NOPE. The people who are in charge of the industry do not hire Asians because they simply don't have what it takes apparently. This causes Asians to give up on their dreams and find another industry to work for. This is unequal and unfair because anyone can work in any industry when they put in the effort and the people that run the industry can open their minds to other races that can play a main role.

With all said, here's a clap back for the stereotypes: *mic drop*

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