Dear Association For The Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Please Don't Clone Me

Dear Association For The Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Please Don't Clone Me

All this thought of living immortally in a machine and having a living clone of yourself somewhere I’ve decided something: I’m all set.

Dear Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence,

Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely floored by the advancements in Artificial Intelligence in the last decade alone — it’s straight up out of a science fiction novel.

Humanity has figured out how to predict a person’s risk of heart disease by scanning a person’s eyeball, there are self-driving cars and there’s even a robot named Sophia who was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia. Not joking.

AI is here, and it’s only going to become more advanced, more sentient, more human and increasingly interwoven into our everyday lives.

Whether you fear for the capabilities we assign to AI like Elon Musk, or you’re excited to test the waters before we’ve considered all the possibilities like Mark Zuckerberg, it’s happening, and it may not be tomorrow, but scientists are working on making consciousness downloadable.

Adding an interesting new context for creationists, this would mean that your brain, including all the unique emotional and intellectual impulses, would essentially be transferable to a machine. That means your memories and all the electrical impulses that make you, you, could be put into a computer.

Weird? Cool? Scary? The answer is yes, it’s all of those things.

With all this thought of living immortally in a machine and having a living clone of yourself somewhere, I’ve decided something — I’m all set.

So, to all the powers that be in the world of AI, please don’t clone me.

Like, I’m hoping that human rights remain a thing and that no one is ever forced to transfer their consciousness into a machine, but nonetheless, please leave me out of it.

Look, AI is badass and I’m excited about it, especially if it means that minds like that of Elon Musk and others can be around to help society for as long as there is a human race, but it’s also frickin’ terrifying.

And I’m also pretty content with who I am. I struggle with confidence and other things from time to time, but on the whole, I think I’m pretty great.

I’m just positive there should only be one of me.

So, please get to downloading some brilliant people’s minds for the sake of humanity, but the world really only needs one of me.

As Ol’ Blue Eyes, aka Frank Sinatra, said, “you only live once, and the way I live, once is enough.” I tend to agree with the "My Way" singer, I don’t want to live forever.

So, if you’re a vampire, just leave me alone or cut to the chase because I don’t want to be immortal.

I also don’t think technology can capture all of me, my humor especially. I’m sure it can translate it into algorithms and get incredibly close, but it won’t be mine.

I don’t want to be an algorithm.

Trust me, I know this is an emotional argument and not a logical one but isn’t that fundamentally what separates man, or woman, from machine?

So, AAAI, if you’re looking for volunteers, take note that my hand isn’t raised.

Cover Image Credit: itupictures / Flickr

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Letterboxd (@letterboxd) | Twitter

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Flora - Stay Focused Together

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