It's Time To Say Thank U, Next To Ariana Grande
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It's Time To Say Thank U, Next To Ariana Grande

Sorry not sorry.

It's Time To Say Thank U, Next To Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande Vevo

So the other day when I woke up and did my morning routine of hitting snooze and scrolling through Twitter for a morning laugh, I saw some "breaking news" that Ariana Grande had gotten a tattoo in another language, that, *big shocker* was incorrectly translated.

It was at this time that I hopped over to a group chat and mentioned how I am pretty tired of everything being about Ariana Grande lately like I'm over it. Yet, the other members of the group did not hesitate to quickly jump to her justification and go on about how great she is. I literally eye-rolled myself out of that convo...

Let me start out by saying that Ariana has been through a lot and I am in NO way, shape, or form discrediting the hardships she has faced. I also am in NO way, shape, or form discrediting any emotional support her music may have offered any person at any time. I am, though, tired of seeing her profit immensely off of these incidents and on top of that, racially appropriating several cultures while she does it.

Does anyone else remember her role on Victorious? The teen sitcom on Nickelodeon about a bunch of talented high school students. If you haven't, here is what Ariana used to look like before she made it big time.

Now, I am NOT judging this woman on choosing to enhance her features, I mean it really is true when you hear money can buy beauty. But, it's been pointed out on more than one occasion that she has been appropriating other cultures, like appearing in music videos with much darker skin.

There was a similar article to this one that I had read the other day that pointed out her performance with Nicki Minaj at the MTV VMAs, where Ariana's fake tan had made her appear even darker than Nicki. There a tons of fans who don't even realize that she isn't mixed or Latina.

Her latest "bop" (I'm sorry her new music IMO has just been less than impressive) 7 Rings has a quite questionable music video. Right, when I see this pink house in the video I instantly think of 2 Chainz and his album from 2017 "Pretty Girls Like Trap Music".

2 Chainz's "Trap House"

Look familiar much?

7 Rings music video

So what exactly is the visual message here? Who knows. Although I really hope it's not what some think to be appropriating the stereotypes of the struggles for money some big rap names like 2 Chainz discuss in their lyrics, because I can 115% guarantee you Ariana has never spent a single second experiencing that life, therefore has no grounds to be portraying the same type of "trap" house that 2 Chainz was with his album.

Now to the boys. I already got enough Taylor Swift vibes when she left Mac for Pete and then weeks later was engaged. Red flags blinded my eyesight, no joke. I mean, I love Mac Miller, even before his tragic passing, and he did not deserve to be swiped off to the side like that. It also blows my mind how much she claims to love Mac and had to leave because of his problem but was ready to marry another guy almost immediately after their split.

I'm sorry hun, you don't love him. You love the idea of him, and maybe the fame that has come with coping with his death. I can say that I was not surprised when she and Pete called it off. If you were surprised, uhm...why? Like, look at the circumstances. Use that one semester of psychology you were required to take. Red flags, everywhere. And Pete just makes me cringe, honestly.

I could really go on and on about the many points and factoids that have been pointed out along the way about Ariana and her career, but I just don't feel like giving her that much effort? I know how I feel about her, and I have shared my thoughts with you all how I feel about her, now you are all capable of forming your own opinion on her, and that's that.

No matter what I say she is still probably going to be on the top charts with her crappy pop songs. No matter what I say there will be millions who don't want to admit that she is taking advantage of other cultures. That all really is too big to be my own problem. So I've shared my opinion and you have formed your own and we are adults and moving on. *end rant*

Thank u, next.

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