Are You A Can Of Coke Or A Bottle Of Water?

It seems as if people learn lessons from the most average occurrences. I was going through my day as usual when my dad sent me yet another Whatsapp video that he insisted I watch. I brushed it off like it was nothing, but I soon discovered there was so much more to it than some cheesy, confidence-boosting five-minute clip.

It began with, "Are you a bottle of water or a can of coke?" I looked at my father with initial confusion — maybe it was a "dad joke." He smiled and said, "Just keep watching." When the can was shaken, it overflowed and spurted like a violent animal, however, when the water was shaken, it was crystal clear and stable. A metaphor between these two states and our personal reactions to everyday situations was created. How do you react? How do you choose to be? When shaken by those around you, when your spirit is destroyed, when everything seems to be going wrong, are you water or are you a coke can?

Like a wise Yoda, my dad gave me a grin as he saw my eyes widen with understanding. He said, "I can tell when you're annoyed and so can others." He went on to tease me, saying that my face scrunches up into a look of disgust without me even realizing it, or my eyes roll in exasperation. I let him know that it wasn't my fault and stated strongly, "I can't help it."

I lied. Everyone has a choice in how they let others affect them. I can choose to get annoyed at you for eating with your mouth open, but I choose not to. When we have control over our state we can slowly move toward being better people both inside and out.

I'm not saying bottle up your emotions and keep them hidden. Expressing your emotions is key, it just matters in what form you do it in. Perception and reflectivity are purely your own — how you choose to view it matters.

As teenagers, it is vital we self-analyze and realize how our reactions effect ourselves and others. It should be our goal to be as steady as water, someday.

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