Apple Re-Released The iPod Touch, And It Definitely Has Me Curious

Does everyone remember the iPod Touch? Oh man, was that a time to be alive. This was the thing to have as a kid prior to iPhones because literally, you had the world in your pocket. Games, videos, internet, long battery life. The iPod touch had it all. However, Apple did the strangest thing and re-released it in 2019 with some new updated features.

If this wasn't news to you, it should be, because you should be asking yourself, why should I buy an iPod touch in 2019? Well, I have attached a review for you here that was done by someone else on Youtube.

iPod touch (7th Gen) unboxing + review: is it worth it?

Alright, so what do I think? As much as I love the iPod touch, it's gonna be hard to justify what you're gonna use it for in this day and age. The iPhone does everything the iPod Touch does and, obviously, its also a phone. The iPod Touch starts at $199, but if you pay 50 bucks more, you can get an iPad. So, who would be buying it?

Maybe you can get it for that little kid in your life that always wants to play games on your phone. Maybe you can use it as a strict one use device like in the gym or in your car. Maybe, you just buy it because nostalgia sets in. However, this is all a solid maybe.

Okay, here's my deliberation. Would I buy the iPod Touch in 2019? Since I have a 256 GB iPhone XR, my answer is no. However, if I had a kid, and I needed something to give to him or her to keep them busy, I'd definitely consider it. It's essentially a device lost in time, and I think Apple did a decent job of updating its technology wise for it to be relevant nowadays. Apple arcade is going to be a thing now and the iPod Touch could spearhead playing iPhone games on your phone offline and all the other good game stuff you could imagine. I am gonna wait and see who is gonna buy this, but right now, it's a one-trick pony.

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