An Apology From You Won't Bring Back Emmett Till
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An Apology From You Won't Bring Back Emmett Till

Sorry, I can't make it to your pity party.

An Apology From You Won't Bring Back Emmett Till

As I'm sure many people can attest to, the death of Emmett Till wasn't something that we spent ample time discussing in our classrooms during grade school. It wasn't until my Rhetoric of Black America course a year ago that I had been able to delve into this haunting story, a story that needs to be taught in depth to everyone. This story reveals much more than the horrid lynching of a young boy. It reveals the ugly face of the United States of America, in the past and presently.

To catch people up to speed who may not be as familiar with the story, the death of Emmett Till is seen to be one of the main factors that led to the start of the Civil Rights Movement. He was 14. He had barely experienced life. Just as quickly as his life started, it was snatched. You shouldn't have to think of this brutal murder in the context of "what if he was my brother, son, friend, or me." Instead, you should think of this in a context of humanity. Which from the past, it appears that may be a very challenging concept to grasp to some people.

So, to the woman who is the reason behind the death of Emmett Till, the death of innocence, you're not forgiven. Not even close. You think you can just wash your conscious and hands clean of the death of a fourteen year old boy? I don't think so. The blood has been stained to your entire existence. And don't even argue over a technicality that you weren't the one to kill him. Yes, it may have been your husband and brother in law, but because of your false testimony. You knew exactly what you were doing.

And just like you did in 1955, you know what you're doing now too. Recently, you have decided to admit to falsifying the claims that led to the gruesome murder. News flash, we've been hip. We weren't convinced in 1955, and we continued to hold that position. So, you "breaking your silence" isn't letting us in on a secret.

I just think it's awfully convenient that you are admitting to your wrongdoing. It took you over 60 years to realize that you made a mistake or was it the fact that you're now trying to profit from this story? Carolyn, this is not the time for a shameless plug on your book. You say you can't remember much of the encounter you had with Emmett? Well, Emmett Till doesn't have that luxury either. It must have been nice to continue living your life. You were able to just walk away from the situation. You felt your life had been ruined? Imagine Emmett's. You "felt tender sorrow" for Mamie Till-Mobley? You were the reason why she was hurting.

I'm sorry, but I don't accept your apology. Nothing you can say can bring back his life. You were not the victim in this situation. So sorry, I decline your invitation to your pity party.

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