The performance of the Alabama student section on September 29 was almost as bad as Louisiana-Lafayette's game (56-14 Bama win). And yes, when you're up by so much the games tend to get boring. Also when kickoff is it 11 in the morning, it can be hard to get up. But a popular quote in Tuscaloosa goes something like "play for four, stay for four" (as in the team plays for four quarters, so you stay for four quarters). And I admit, many students did not stay for all four quarters, and Nick Saban was not very happy. So on behalf of the Alabama student section, here I am now writing an apology letter to you coach (please forgive us).

I'm sorry, for the lack of school spirit that was shown on that early Saturday morning. Sometimes, it's hard to wake up early on the weekends, but as a student at this University, that's what I signed up to do. Attending such a huge football school like Alabama, I knew that every Saturday is a new commitment. But on September 29, myself (and other students), broke that commitment.

I'm sorry that this whole ordeal was so big, it even had its own headline on ESPN. It can't get any worse than Tim Tebow literally saying, "I think the fans are getting so entitled there at Alabama, specifically the students" on national television. When it's a national phenomenon, something has to change, and quick.

I'm also sorry to the players. They have an insane weekly schedule, and they practice until they can't anymore. All that work put in for half of the fans to see. Sorry to those players who worked their butts off that no one cheered or supported for all 56 points. The fact that y'all can get up early and we can't is not fair to you all. Next time if the game is at 6 am or 6 pm, we will be there.

And finally, a last apology to you, Nick Saban. One day, you're going to retire, or we will all graduate and all this will be over. No more Saturdays as coach. No more press conferences or interviews. No more early or late night games. As a result, we have to enjoy it now. It's true that no one really knows what they have until it's gone. And none of us want to look back on the dynasty that is Alabama Football and say that we never went to the games. Or that you look back on it, coach, and say that no one ever showed up to the games. So because of that, I'm sorry that there was no crowd that Saturday morning in Bryant Denny, the student section has learned our lesson.