You’d think that with all the resentment that democrats have for xenophobia when it comes to Muslims, that they’d show the same level of outrage when it comes to Antisemitism. Right?

Oh boy was I wrong.

Whether it was the Lebanese blocking the Israeli’s from entering the bus they were meant to share at the Olympics, a Muslim Egyptian’s refusal to shake the hand of Israeli Wrestler Or Sasson, or even worse was the Syrian boxer Ala Ghasoun who quit once she found out she was fighting a Jewish Boxer, the level of Antisemitism that occurred in the Olympics was quite alarming.

These sort of actions should be viewed as heinous and as bigoted as what a certain orange man has said about the religion of Islam. What seemed a bit odd however the lack of public outcry from Democrats. I wonder why. Could it be due to the Anti-Semitic beliefs that some people from the Muslim faith have?

But the “religion of peace” can’t possibly be bigoted against another religion right?


“Shocking but not surprisingly, the Lebanese and Saudi delegations obviously have the wrong idea about the Olympic Games,” said the CEO of the Pro-Israel group “Stand With Us”. If I said I was shocked, I’d be completely lying. I’m not shocked that antisemitism still exists and I’m not surprised that Muslims were the major culprits of this.

Whether it’s the Anti-Semitic cartoons that Muslim countries show in their newspapers, Jewish people fleeing Paris for fear of mass Muslim immigration or lines in the Quran like 5:82, Jewish people have been subject of the worst kind of bigotry from members of the Muslim community. People may write this off as just the jihadists who believe in these anti-Semitic beliefs, and while a lot of Muslims don’t take the doctrine as seriously as jihadists, it isn’t a good look for your country when Olympic athletes are showing those anti-Semitic views notorious with their religion. Yet, despite this highly problematic level of hatred towards one religion, Muslims according to daily show pundits and unfunny political comedy shows are the real victims. They’re the victims of countries who want to secure their borders and people who recognize Radical Islam as a potential threat to western democracy.

If Radical Islam is such a threat, and if Muslims from the Olympics are showcasing bigotry against the Jewish community, I just have one question, why in the hell is no one talking about this?

Oh wait, certain shows have to portray the Muslims as victims. It makes sense now. Democrats don’t care about helping out against oppression, only when it suits them and protecting the Jewish community from this isn’t in their agenda. Sad, but not surprising.