CHRISTMAS IS HERE! Well…almost. It's like a month away…but still, it's Christmas. Everyone is obsessing over Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday steals, and ads left and right are being thrown at you to buy stuff. The question that has been haunting me lately is "Are you going Black Friday shopping?"

Hell no. The thought of going to the store at two in the morning to get a good deal, or even leaving on Thanksgiving after you feast down all that amazing food. I have nothing against Black Friday, by all means, go crazy and take those good deals. It just isn't for me.

Something that irks me about Black Friday too is that the concept of money and material things are thrown in your face. I feel like all the anticipation that leads up to Black Friday is causing Thanksgiving to be overlooked. Thanksgiving is a time of giving, remembering, and being thankful for what you have in your life. It is like a time of reflection, for the good and the bad that has happened to you, and you are thankful for your life, and how it has made you into the person you are today. The last thing I am thinking about on Thanksgiving is my shopping plans for tomorrow.

Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone, it is always important to remember what you are thankful for, beyond the material things, but the sentimental things as well. Now go ahead, have at it at all your holiday shopping! This is the time of year that is about and giving and being thankful. Make the most of it. But even though it only comes ones a year, try and make the most of every day, and be like this time of the year. *Queue Christmas music*