11 Animal Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

People making their dog a social media account used to be such a fun and quirky thing. Usually, only their in-person fans would follow, consisting of the owner's closest friends and family.

But, within the past few years, these types of accounts have blown up. Just like social media influencers for the impressionable animal lovers, these little (and big) guys have thousands, if not millions, of followers keeping up!

What's even crazier is that some of these animals have been branded in a way that seems a little too human-like. Some of them even have their own merchandise and meet-and-greets.

Whether or not you buy into pet celebrities, you can't deny that these accounts might make your day just a little brighter.


Spike is a stag beetle who loves to draw and even managed to earn himself a spread in this year's "Ripley's Believe It Or Not." With thousands of followers and his own line of merchandise, he's truly one of the most beloved and artistic arthropods around. He even had a daughter in March...are beetle legacies a thing?


Just five curious and photogenic golden retrievers who give Lana del Ray a run for her money when it comes to wearing flower crowns. This month, these lovely girls, Hopper, Maggie, Queso, Jasmine, and Venkman, also made room for a sixth member of the canine clan with a foster "brother" named Riley.


This charming little four-year-old hedgehog hardly ever leaves his owner's side, being quite the well-traveled, prickly companion. This account, in particular, has some of the most perfectly timed and beautifully edited photos, featuring quite the unconventional pet!


Tuna is a chihuahua-dachshund mix with a signature grin. Sadly, he was once abandoned by his original owner, but since being adopted into his forever home, he's won the hearts of two million people (and has gotten himself verified on Instagram in the process).


Brian Barczyk exposes Instagram to a variety of reptiles, while also having opened a reptile zoo in Michigan! From snakes to lizards to tortoises to alligators, he clearly has a passion for animals and simply wants to share it with the world.


These three furry friends, Clover, Bonnie, and Nellie, are rescue animals from the Chinese dog meat trade. Not only are there frequent, adorable pictures of these precious pets, but they bring awareness to the options prospective owners have with adoption and rescuing.


ASMR videos aren't for everyone, but that might change with Lily, a tabby-Siamese mix who just loves to eat! Even if you mute the videos, they're still pretty darn cute.


Based in Monterey, California, photographer Slater Moore captures magnificent shots of orcas, dolphins, humpback whales, and so on. You're bound to be in awe at once-in-a-lifetime experiences that he shares with those fascinated by these creatures.


Pigs! Miniature pigs! Miniature pigs in sombreros! What more could anyone ask for?


Cat videos have evolved, and now they're using green screens to play all four velociraptors from that one scene with Chris Pratt in "Jurassic World." Trust me, this is the kind of content you want on your feed.

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