When I was 11, you decided that our family was not what you wanted anymore. You left us with little to no warning. I don't think you understand the mental damage it did to me as a middle schooler. I was supposed to be able to trust you, confide in you, and all you needed to do was be there for me, but I didn't even get that. Instead, I remember crying myself to sleep for months wondering why I wasn't good enough for you and if there was something I could have done differently that would have made you wanna stay or at least take me with you.

A couple of weeks later you let me back into your life, only to tell us that you knocked up another woman and then proceeded to blame it on me because I wanted a baby sister so badly. I was too young and naive to realize that it wasn't my fault. I hated myself for so long. What kind of man blames his affair on his 11-year-old daughter?

Of course, we ended up getting over all of that, for a while we were in a good place and talking once a week on the phone. Until one day all communication stopped. You left my life like it was nothing, blocked my calls and even defriended me on facebook. Later I find out you secretly got married to the woman you had this affair with and I wasn't invited.