What Not To Say At The Thanksgiving Table
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11 Diet-Centric Comments That No One Needs At The Thanksgiving Table

Yes, I really do want all of these mashed potatoes.

11 Diet-Centric Comments That No One Needs At The Thanksgiving Table

If you're desperately trying to avoid political talk with family this Thanksgiving holiday, then believe me, I feel you. BIG mood. It's a painfully relatable topic for many people.

However, food and weight are also sensitive and unhelpful topics of conversation we should try hard to avoid. They don't make anyone feel good, and frankly, are a lil awkward. For the sake of us all, please try to avoid saying the following statements:

1. "Are you SURE you want all of those mashed potatoes?"


Yes. Yes I'm sure.

2. "Wow, they really got a ton of food, didn't they?


I'm gonna need you to stop. No need for the food police here.

3. "I didn't eat all day so I could eat all of this tonight."


"Saving calories" is not a healthy practice and can lead to binging. It can also trigger you or someone else who struggles with disordered eating.

4. "Well, I'll definitely have to go to the gym tomorrow to work all of these calories off!"


Calories are not something to be feared. One meal won't make you gain weight, and if it does, so what.

5. "OMG, I ~totally~ just binged on that Thanksgiving meal."


Are you sure that was a binge? Try to be sensitive to those who struggle with clinical binging.

6. "I won't be eating all week after this."


Again, skipping meals or trying to "make up" for a big meal is unhealthy, unhelpful and potentially triggering.

7. "Have you lost weight? You look so good now!"


Losing weight does not always mean healthier, and we shouldn't demonize gaining weight or put someone's worth on their weight. Try real compliments instead.

8. "Ooh they've really gotten fat, haven't they."


While fat is a descriptor, not a bad word, many people still use the word "fat" with negative connotations. Let's celebrate Thanksgiving the way it should be, with family and food and positivity.

9. "My diet starts tomorrow LOL."


Diets are unsustainable, dangerous and don't work. They're also the biggest predictor of an eating disorder. Let's just not go there, okay?

10. "Ugh this is so fattening/calorie-laden."


Your point is? Food doesn't have moral value.

11. "I'm being so good today because I ate a salad/didn't eat dessert." Or "I'm being so bad today for having two desserts."


Food does not have moral value, and we cannot be defined by what we eat. Simple as that!

Let's celebrate this holiday like it should be: with family, friends and thanks. Start conversations about the good things going on in people's lives. Talk about what you're thankful for in each other. Talk about what you're thankful for in general. Update each other on your lives and seek to listen more than you speak.

And for the good of everyone, please don't make a food-related or weight-related comment. It's just not the point. Thank you!

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