To the boy who changed my world:

I usually don’t get all sappy like this (and you know it). But there is something about someone who accepts you just the way you are and wouldn’t want you to change a thing. Before you, I went through my fair share of dumb relationships. Because of my past I built up a wall that I thought no one could ever break through. Then I met you. Given the first time we met, wasn’t exactly what you would call a fairy tale. I mean come on you didn’t even talk to me again for like another 3 months. But that’s okay because once I really found out who you were I couldn’t help but like you in every way. Which was a little weird because at that point I thought my brain was wired to only like guys that could care less if I fell off the face off the earth tomorrow.

When we first met I thought you were way too cool for me and, you were in a frat which did not make it any better. Considering my experience with frat guys, I was convinced they were all pretty much jerks. Again you changed every misconception I ever had about guys in general. I 100% don’t deserve you and I don’t seem to tell you how much I care about you. Back to this wall I thought I built up because I would literally let no one in. I told myself I could talk to people but the second a feeling emerged to cut it off. I became this person that I didn’t like anymore all because I was scared of getting hurt yet again.

When we first started talking I thought I was going to just cut it off because I wasn’t really sure what I wanted at that point. Why waste more time right? But we talked, the feelings got stronger and for some reason I couldn’t imagine letting you go. We didn’t even date yet and I was thinking that. ME. The girl who shunned off boy(or so I thought). I took a chance and almost a year later I realize that chance I took wasn’t bad at all.

The reason why I commend you so much is because for all those times I could’ve pushed you away you didn’t let me. You stayed anyway. My attitude problem in the beginning was so bad because of my fear of what was going to happen and now I have an entire new outlook on relationships. I’ve realized it’s okay to let my guard down, it’s okay to feel comfortable around the one you want to be with. It shouldn’t feel forced and you shouldn't feel like you’re unwanted. It’s okay to laugh and love and it’s okay to shove pizza down your face at 2 am. It’s okay to let guys pay for dates and it’s okay to express confidence in yourself. All these things you have taught me and I can’t even begin to thank you enough for being the one I can run to about everything. Thank you.