An Open Letter To My Jeans That Don't Fit Right Now

An Open Letter To My Jeans That Don't Fit Right Now

"Life is too short for compromises, and bad fitting jeans."


This morning was a morning like any other.

Although I feel like wearing sweatpants all day, I am much too proud. So, I go for my unforgiving, uncomfortable pair of jeans. I may have made poor decisions when it came to a large pizza last night, but I hope for the best. I stick my right leg into your pant leg, then my left. I do a little wiggle to get them over the thigh, hopping around as if I’m on a pogo stick, the jeans moving only an inch at a time.

Yes! Over the butt! (The butt is always the hardest part.)

I hold my breath, squeeze in my stomach as much as possible to achieve the button. No success. I try once more, but to my dismay they are not buttoning quite as they should. I knew I shouldn’t have chose you, I shouldn’t have defeated myself in such a way, but you can’t blame a girl for trying. When you’re good, you’re really good. You hug my hips just right, and you fit me like a glove on my best days. I feel confident when wearing you. But, when you're bad, you're really bad. You leave me barricaded, squeezing me and restricting me inside a small piece of denim. Am I going to be able to breathe? Who knows. Am I going to bust you at the seams? Stay tuned.

The days that I wake up and my body doesn’t feel up to par, or it’s my time of the month, I know that I shouldn't trust you. Today is one of those days. I reach into my drawer, and pull out plan B. An aesthetically beautiful pair of dark wash stretch skinny jeans that would stretch just enough to cover a night of bad food decisions. Their reliable denim may be a bit worn, and stretched, but they have gotten me through my worst days and I knew they would fit. I place my right leg in first, just as I had before, then my left. I pull them over my thighs first, then over my butt with ease. There is no hopping involved, it was simply not necessary. This is a simple victory, although I still feel defeated.

Some days, you don’t fit right and you taunt me when I can’t breathe after I button you. My self-image is morphed simply because of the way you fit. However, I am immediately reminded that I might be a little chunky because I am lucky enough to eat well. I have the means to have a full meal that may leave me a little chunkier than usual. I will no longer allow you to taunt me for being able to eat, because there are so many who aren’t lucky enough. It is a good problem to have. I will not wish to take up less space, just to fit inside of you. I will allow myself to take up the space that I deserve. So, when I have to reach for my stretch jeans more often than not, I am not defeated, I am lucky.
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