An Open Letter To My Boyfriend's Grandmother
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An Open Letter To My Boyfriend's Grandmother

I can't thank you enough.

An Open Letter To My Boyfriend's Grandmother
Allison Jordan

To My Boyfriend’s Grandmother,

I want to start off this letter by letting you know that I will be forever grateful for having met you. From day one you have treated me like family when you didn’t have to. I wasn't lucky enough to have had my own grandparents in my life for very long, unfortunately, I wasn't even able to meet two of them. I have envied those who have been able to grow with their grandparents by their side; I envy your grandchildren, they are extremely lucky.

Once I met the guy of my dreams, your grandson, I was able to meet the most selfless, caring, kind, generous, precious woman that reminds me a lot of my own grandmothers - you. You really truly are amazing and I love you as if you were my own grandmother. Sometimes you just need a hug from a grandmother, someone who is there to pass no judgements. Thank you for being that hug I can always count on.

I could sit with you all day and listen to your stories. To see you light up when you talk about old memories and the smile that appears across your face…it’s contagious. You can walk in a room and make everyone in it instantly happy, I don't know how you do it; it's kind of magical. You're kind of magical.

You are a strong courageous woman, caring for others long before you care for yourself. Caring for someone when they are sick is a selfless act of love. Seeing the love you and Paw-paw shared was intoxicating, it’s a love that I hope your grandson and I will share…forever.

Even through all the things you were going through you didn’t forgot about anyone, you DON'T forget about anyone. I never expected or thought I would get gifts or anything from someone else’s family on my birthday or any other holiday for that matter but you never missed one. You never left me out; you never leave anyone out actually, no matter how much he or she may deserve to be at one point or another. I always feel included and loved. Thank you for that. And thank you for telling me you love me, it's three simple words that can change anyones day, it changes my day. I know I am not blood but you treat me as such and that is something that I will cherish forever.

Thank you for being the type of person you are, you are the glue that holds your family together... their voice of reason. Thank you for welcoming me in with open arms. Thank you for having such an amazing grandson. Thank you for treating me like family and for loving me as much as I love you. You are a remarkable woman.


An Appreciative Girlfriend Who Will Love You Forever

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